Days at the office can get pretty exhausting, especially during the summertime. While you slave away indoors, the kids at home are enjoying the beach or park under the summer sun. If you plan on having a corporate event soon, why not bring the fun with you? The experts in Orlando event planning are here to help you achieve the benefits you’ll see ripple back to your company by inviting the family to your next event.


  • Build Your Company’s Brand


Engaging with your employees increases retention rates and spreads a positive message about the company’s brand. It’ll also draw in more talent to the company as your company is able to build trust with employees.


  • Boost Company Morale


Being able to meet loved ones of employees establishes a stronger bond with your employees and creates new ones amongst co-workers. Employees act a little differently when their loved ones are around. Everyone will be able to have a deeper appreciation with one another as they get to know more about their life. Happiness at the office will thrive.


  • Show Employee Appreciation


Employees are the backbone of the company and by inviting the family, you are recognizing their hard work and family’s sacrifices. Recognizing work-life balance means your employees will appreciate the company more in return.

Check out these few tips to add a little family fun to your next event:

Photo Booth

Remember those cute little photo strips with silly faces? They’ll make great keepsakes from the event. Take multiple and you’ll have one for yourself, and one for your kid. Years from now, they’ll remember the great time they had with their parent throwing pies in the boss’s face.

Inflatable Rides

Just think of the excitement on their faces when they pull up to the event and they see a towering inflatable slide! Additionally, the Orlando event planning experts have much more inflatable rides to choose from, such as bounce houses, foosball, and a surf simulator!

Virtual Reality Sports

Kids are always on the next trending tech. Adding VR to your event will have them thinking their loved ones work for an awesome company! Fun Planners can help you set up race cars, fishing boats, and other great games.


Soon enough, summer will be over and the kids will head back to school. Your next corporate event doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple end of summer picnic with entertainment provided by the Orlando event planning specialists at Fun Planners will ensure the summer fun for the family will be one to remember.