As everyone knows, themes are the cornerstone of the event planning process. From trends that are shaking up the industry to what society believes is what is cool and unique, it’s important for event planners to keep these theme ideas in mind. We’re here to give your Orlando event planning company the tips they’ll need to have the best-themed party on this side of town!

Top Secret Entry

A unique idea for a theme this year is to keep the event exclusive. If you keep locations discreet with hush-hush instructions, people are more likely to be interested in your event and will be telling all their friends about it! As a bonus, revealing your location a day or two before it’s set to happen will make event-goers antsier and will heighten interest in those looking to attend!

Gather Around a Campfire

For smaller businesses, something as simple as a campfire session for your employees can help team building. Find a night that works for employees and leadership and take turns telling stories around the fire. They can be related to the workplace or just interesting things about their life. This will encourage everyone to become closer and get to each other better, and what could make an employer happier than that?

Switch up the Mundane Lunchtime

Rather than heading to a local Orlando grill, try creating a space in your office to hold a small dance party. Serve spritzer and finger foods and have everyone take a moment from their busy days to relax and have fun. Not only will this boost overall morale of the team, you will also be known as the “cool office” in town.

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