You can tell when you’ve been to a well-organized event because, for one, the atmosphere feels appropriate for the event. No one is running around or looks confused. All around you, everyone’s faces are smiling because everyone is having a good time. Two: its run effortlessly by the event manager who is armed with impeccable skills in time management, marketing, research, and communication. Florida corporate event planning company, Fun Planners believe these are the key aspects of your future successful corporate event.


  • Master List of All Lists


Keep a master list with a timeline in one. In your beginning stages and with time, you’ll create checklists within that master list to clarify what your plan of action will be.



  • Know the Event’s Elements


Set and understand the event’s goals and purposes. Once you and your committee understand the event’s goals and purposes, it is easy to align your plans with them. Set your date for when the event will be held. In addition, figure out the timeline for deadlines to find your venue, plan an event agenda, and form your budget.



  • The Event’s Essentials


Your event’s essentials are the pieces to help it stand out amongst the crowd. This is when strategic-level concepts for marketing are put to play. Use social media to your advantage and create social buzz on different platforms for your event to be visible. Plan these social posts out on a timeframe for early release, up until the event day. Creating an event page on Facebook that can be shared is one helpful way to gain momentum.



  • The Aura of Your Event


Your guests will remember WHAT happened at your event and will talk about it for years to come if you plan it right. Map out the event’s space and create a program timeline for what activities will take place and at what time. The mood and style of the theme and venue set the tone of the event and how your guests will react and take away after the event is over. Your efforts in researching the perfect and unique theme won’t go unnoticed.



  • Innovate


How will your event influence your guests once they leave? Look back at your goals and purposes and make a list of key ideas to iterate what you would like guests to walk away with. Be sure to make sure these ideas are introduced relevantly throughout the event activities.



  • Take Action


Once all of your lists and lists within those lists are made and checked off, it is time to execute what you’ve envisioned from day one. Take on each section by section to conquer each one’s high priority issue so the event runs smoothly.



  • Double, Even Triple Check Your Master List


It doesn’t hurt to ensure all aspects of your corporate event are in tip top shape. Allowing yourself or grab another pair of eyes to check your lists will give your opportunities to improve upon one of the aspects above or add to your perfect event.


Fun Planners are experts at helping you execute the most memorable Florida Corporate events. With each aspect for a successful one, Fun Planners will be there to ensure your next event will run seamlessly. Contact us to learn more at (407) 955-4949.