Have an event coming up, but your attendees don’t seem very excited about it? Our Orlando corporate event planning methods will help you do something about this. Here are 7 ways to show event attendees the care they deserve.

  • Create a Sneak Peek: Make posters or send out teasers through email a few days before the event. Get attendees excited about what may happen. Create a video or slide show with hints about the event’s theme, speakers, etc.
  • Cover Fees: An important detail that some event planners miss is taking care of small fees such as parking and luggage check. Attendees will be grateful and remember this money and time saving aspect that helps foster their excitement for future events.
  • Visibility and Audibility: If you plan on having a speaker at your event, be sure that they can actually be heard. Work out technical issues at least a month in advance in rooms with any audio and video components.
  • Be Available to Answer Questions: Naturally, people attending your event will have some questions about it. Have all bases covered by responding quickly to questions through emails, social media, and staff.
  • Make Sure They’re Comfortable: Obviously, attendees will want to feel comfortable at events, after all they did take time away from being at home. Create a lounge with comfortable chairs, give them a snack break in between activities, or give them quiet time if they need it.
  • Listen to Feedback: Be attentive to the needs of people attending your event and make the corresponding changes. Music too loud? Adjust the speakers. Slow Wi-Fi? Work out possible connectivity problems. Provide attendees with a questionnaire so that they can give feedback about the event.
  • Maintain Positivity: Too often, the staff for an event will begin with cheerful smiles and end with frowns or apathy. Keep staff looking happy throughout the event and the attendees will be happy, too.

We hope this list helps you show event attendees that you care. Follow these simple steps and people will start getting excited about your events and look forward to many more to come. For more details about Orlando corporate event planning, browse our blog.