Country Clubs For Corporate Celebrations and Golfing

Trying to find the perfect country club to host your Florida corporate events with? Don’t get stuck in a rough patch; there are plenty of venues in Orlando for your company! Golf and business go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a classic way to unwind, make connections, and learn about who you’re working with. 

MetroWest Golf Club
This marvelous golf course and country club is located just 10 minutes from Universal Studios and 30 minutes from the airport. With a full 18-hole golf course, restaurants, and event rooms for anything from board meetings to dinner, retirement parties, and leadership events, their perfect location has you covered. 

Rio Pinar Golf Club
Rio Pinar’s elegant ballroom accommodates up to 200 guests for any event from training workshops to corporate meetings and more! Since opening in 1957, they have a wealth of experience in hosting PGA legends, tournaments, and events for any occasion. 

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club
Located in the heart of southeast Orlando in the midst of the new, thriving city of Lake Nona, this place is hard to beat. Just 10 minutes from the airport means playing a couple of rounds with business partners who just arrived is easier than ever! With their awards of Platinum Club of the World and America, they are known around the country as an elite club and course. 

The Country Club of Orlando
The gorgeous, old but gold country club is one of the first of its kind in the state of Florida. Since opening in 1911, this social center has been widely used for various celebrations — definitely more than 18, which is the number of holes they offer! 

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge 
Arnold Palmer’s legendary home course and country club, and yes they have both lemonade and sweet tea in one glass. This magnificent greenery has hosted past PGA tours, provides 27 unbelievable holes, and has the capacity to host any corporate event under the Florida sunshine. Dine, swim, or play tennis with business associates with their other terrific amenities as well!  

These venues are an all-in-one when it’s time for your Florida corporate events, and you can show off your hole-in-one skills. Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today. Be sure to contact any of these venues for more information! 

Why Merger Events Are Good For Your Business

Merging with a company is stressful. There are so many tasks at hand to make sure everything runs smoothly, but something that might not be on the mind of either business is how the employees mesh. Everyone is new, and the employees from each company definitely don’t know who they’re going to work with in the future. Team-building activities, such as improv and game shows, are a perfect Florida corporate event to have so different employees can meet each other. 

Working with new people means you must learn how they operate. When merging companies, working together with others is essential for an effective office environment. It breaks down any potential barriers by allowing others to see how co-workers solve problems, and to see what hidden skills they have that wouldn’t usually appear in an office. 

Communication a big part of running an efficient business. Team-building games really help when people become reliant on each other to reach a goal in a game. Take the obstacle course, for example. You must work with teammates to reach the end, and if there is no clear communication that team will be left in the dust; a perfect metaphor for a new workplace. The casual games outside of an office can also build trust and bonding. 

Builds Morale
Team building supports the sense that both companies take great pride in caring for their employees. A merger can make people feel like they’ve lost importance. Hosting a team-building event shows their needs are being looked after — which is motivating. The motivation can lead to employees feeling better about investing time into the new company, especially because team-building builds new relationships as well. New relationships create excitement for coming into work each and every day to see their colleagues! 

A lot of team-building exercises require quick decision-making. Working together with others to reach a goal as fast as possible can transfer to real-world office situations, too! Deadlines are plentiful in an office, so this technique will really get people collaborating for the common good of success.

Two companies merging is the perfect time to host a Florida corporate event full of team-building. What better way to introduce employees than a couple of fun games? Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Networking That Doesn’t Bore

Ever go to a networking event, but not really in the mood to talk with others even though you have to? There’s always something missing — something fun and exciting, to get you loose, perhaps some games. Talking to new people back-to-back could be draining; however, Fun Planners knows exactly how to turn a Florida corporate event, like networking, into a place where people will feel left out if they didn’t make it. 

Arcade Games
With arcade games like Pac-Man, air hockey, basketball, or even Guitar Hero, people will start talking. That’s the goal of any networking event: Once people easily break the ice with a game, then relating to each other and discussing business should be like press of a (game) button. Having fun is something that comes naturally to us, especially children, so feel like a kid and talk like an adult. 

Guest Speakers and Panels
Guest speakers are a great way to get people talking about a topic — the more relevant the topic, the better. After the speaker is done, they can take questions or even bring people up to the stage for an after-show audience panel. This can get people networking if someone has some questions, concerns, or if they’re merely interested in an idea a person shared.  

Food Buffets
Buffets are an excellent way of getting people moving around to potentially talk to others. The buffets can have lines and areas where people can discuss whatever networking needs they have, while also trying tasty catered food. It’s important to have some type of food event where people can mingle, even over the smallest  things, like someone’s favorite type of pasta. It can always lead into a larger opportunity to make great connections because it’s a hidden way to have people network. Shared tables also makes it easier to network with less effort. 

Fun-filled events that implement networking can be far more effective as well as enjoyable for a Florida corporate event, rather than just plain, old networking. Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Fun and Fancy Fundraisers

Everyone loves supporting a good cause, and it’s all the better when doing so means getting to attend a fun event. You want your fundraiser to be memorable, popular, and most importantly, successful. A fundraiser’s success is measured in two parts: how much money it raised for the cause it’s supporting, and how much positive attention it received. In order to achieve this, your fundraiser should stand out. Orlando event planning professionals, Fun Planners, have got everything you need to ensure a successful and memorable fundraising event.

Play Ball!
Your fundraiser should have a main event, something that’s going to bring everyone together. Consider hosting a team sporting event, one that will be able to employ a large number of people. Get a slam dunk basketball team together, or break out the inflatable goal post for a game of flag football. Everyone will get a kick out of an exciting game of dodgeball, and people will come from all over to cheer on a kickball team. Whatever team sport you pick will be sure to draw in the crowds. Set up a concessions area for even more fun!

It’s Your Time to Shine
Each person has always wanted their five minutes of fame. Set up a stage and put on a show! Karaoke never fails to put people in good spirits, and a little talent show is sure to give you big results. A DJ can provide the perfect tracks for a dance-off or dance-a-thon. Got stage fright? No worries! Fun Planners has a variety of talented professionals who are sure to keep the show going.

The Main Event
Why settle for a simple bake sale? When supporting a good cause, you can never go too big. Consider hosting a large event for an extended period of time. This will allow a multitude of people to come and go as they please make donations throughout the event. A carnival can generate a lot of proceeds through ticket sales, and an inflatable obstacle course always pumps up the energy. Or consider giving back a small percentage of the donations as a prize at the end of the fundraiser. Hosting a casino night will attract a lot of hopefuls and keep everyone in good spirits as they try to win. An auction is another event that will attract crowds eager to win something. You can source your prizes from local venues and companies that will be happy to donate to your good cause.

When it comes to hosting a memorable and successful fundraiser, Orlando event planning company Fun Planners has got your back and can provide you with everything you need! Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.


Event Entertainment Extravaganza

What’s a core requirement of any great Florida corporate event? Entertainment! No event is complete without some form of entertainment. With so many possibilities to choose from, you may have to choose more than one. Just entertain the thought with some amazing examples. 

We all like famous celebrities, but what’s it like to stand near a celebrity and feel their passion? Why not invite an impersonator to one of your events to see? These impersonators have the same drive as whoever they are role-playing, and it can really engage people. Imagine you’re having a Las Vegas poker night and you have Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or even Betty Boop to add a flash from the past. Maybe musicians are more interesting to your company. Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, or Madonna impersonators can liven up the party. Impersonators are great at acting like the real deal too, so whoever you have in mind will put on quite the show. 

Sure, a great Spotify playlist is always terrific, but why not have some live music for an event that doesn’t happen too often? You can suggest certain songs to hear live, and you can pick a band that plays the right music for the type of atmosphere you’re trying to establish. The music will get people to dance, connect, and talk! 

There’s the classic face painter where you can get the fierce look of a tiger or become a superhero. Caricature artists will take your best qualities and exaggerate them for an abstract piece of work to hang up. Other than drawing, there are also balloon artists to provide the kids with all types of balloon animals or other unique creations. 

Fortune Tellers and Palm Readers
If a mystical night is in the works, then fortune-tellers and palmer readers are great additions to any event. Let fortunes unravel and futures be told. They can go well with a Halloween or night in Egypt event. It’s an interesting way to provide a little magic into any event. Entertainment is a perfect way to liven up any Florida corporate event, and the possibilities are endless. Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Fall in Love with Autumn Foods

Nothing brings people together like food. Think about it: what do the holidays, birthdays, and parties focus their planning around? Delectable food, whether it’s from restaurants, homemade, or catered. Food is an important aspect of Orlando event planning, especially in the fall when the harvest brings in those all-time favorite treat ideas. 

The Cup is Half Full
Everyone loves a good dip, even more so when it looks creative and fun. Let’s say you’ve made some chocolate pumpkin cranberry cookies, and you want to serve them in a more unique way compared to just placing them on a platter. Try serving the cookies on top of an individual glass filled with any type of milk. This allows people to get a cookie, and have a great time dipping it into the glass. The concept works well with any sauce, too! 

Take a Flight
Sometimes indecisiveness saves the day. If you have a ton of ideas but don’t know how to implement them, then there is a great solution. Create flights of various drinks, sliders, or specific pairings of foods that complement different types of beverages. Flights are usually long, narrow serving boards that provide a small taste of multiple flavors of whatever is served. People love options! 

The presentation can make a break an event itself. Get creative with how you’re presenting your fall food ideas. Skewers are always fun, they’re simple to make and serve! Try using rosemary stems to skewer your pumpkin, potatoes, or turkey! Wooden sticks are easy to grab, perhaps you can make pecan cinnamon roll pinwheels. Catering is always a resourceful option as well! Also, implement decorative dishes and platters in an elevating fashion to make your event shine. 

Cranberries are tart, bitter, mouth-puckering red berries that are essential for all things fall. You can make cranberry juice or add it to mulled wine. Use them to create your very own famous cranberry sauce, dressing, or even jelly it — let’s be honest you can do better than the one in the can! Don’t forget dessert, cranberry pies or parfaits are excellent for after any great fall dinner. 

When it comes to all things fall for Orlando event planning company, Fun Planners thinks outside of the box just for you! Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Local Venues for the Summer

As temperatures rise, make sure you consider summer-friendly venues for the new season. Fun Planners, an Orlando event planning company, has a list of venues we recommend for summertime events.

Central Florida Fairgrounds
The Central Florida Fairgrounds and Exposition Park is the go-to space for concerts and carnivals. The amphitheater is perfect for bands to perform in front of large crowds at a music festival, while the grassy field is large enough to accommodate an entire fair equipped with Ferris wheels and other amusement park rides. The main building is convenient if you need a break from the summertime temperatures to bask in air conditioning.

Located in the heart of downtown, this glitzy rooftop club includes a dancefloor, private cabanas, and quality bottle service. The lounge terrace gives you a view of downtown Orlando in a South Beach-style atmosphere, where the DJ spins dance hits under the starry skies. Think summertime attire and neon lights for the ultimate dance party or rave.

Orchid Garden
For formal, upscale events, the Orchid Garden at Church Street Station is your place. From its wrought-iron rafters and sweeping staircases to overhead balconies and outdoor courtyard, this banquet ballroom is for the grandest and sophisticated celebrations. The venue is a recreation of a Victorian palace, with its elegant and romantic architecture, chandeliers, and furniture (including Chiavari chairs).

Winter Park Farmers’ Market
Located on New England Avenue in Winter Park, this old train depot has been restored into a historical landmark. With its original brick walls and sliding wood doors, this antique building gives farmhouse feels that are great for weddings or other celebratory events. This 2,800-square-foot facility seats 180 guests and is air-conditioned for those hot summer days. It’s equipped with commercial refrigeration and an ice machine. Your rental would include tables and chairs. All you need is your guests and food, then you’re good to go!

East End Market
Located in the Audubon Park Garden District, East End Market is an indoor marketplace that supports small and local businesses, with an emphasis on the culinary. It houses food and retail businesses, such as a full alcoholic bar, a farm-to-table chef-service cuisine, a craft coffee roaster, inspired floral shop. Get comfy in their courtyard while sitting under string lights and among a collection of cacti. The venue is perfect for indie events markets that can showcase local food trucks, vendors, artists, authors, musicians, and more.

When you use these tips to increase registration, Orlando event planning can be simple. Contact us online today to find out how we can help.

How to Boost Event Registration

Are you struggling to boost event registration? We’ve all been there. But people love a good deal, and if you plan ahead, you can easily incentivize people to sign up for your event — and even upgrade their experience. Find out how.

Early Bird Specials
This is a perfect promotion for last year’s attendees who haven’t signed up to come back. Offer them a discounted rate, provided they sign up by a specific date. You could even take this a step further and throw in an extra deal, such as free event swag, or an early deal on signing up for the same event next year.

Partner Promotion
Rather than going in and pitching cold to your target audience, utilize your sponsorships to your advantage! Approach your partner and ask if they can reach out to their customers and endorse you.

Flash Sale
Use a discount code to boost ticket sales during typically low buying times. (The holiday season is also a great opportunity for a flash sale as people are buying gifts for loved ones; for example, you can run a “Christmas special” in December.) Things automatically become more attractive and enticing when they’re limited, so utilize this opportunity to create some urgency.

VIP Offers
These offers are all about limited access; these codes don’t apply to just anyone. Make your VIPs feel extra special by sending them a private code that unlocks an invisible VIP ticket on the checkout page, or follow up with select attendees after they’ve purchased a ticket with VIP offers. These can include backstage passes, discounts on event swag, or an option to buy an after-party ticket.

Start a giveaway to encourage people to sign up for your event! A simple giveaway can be between the first 500 people who sign up, but you can also utilize social media to include even the latest sign-ups. For instance, for every social media platform that attendees use your event hashtag on, they’re entered into the drawing; another option is that each attendee receives a referral code, and each time a friend uses their code to sign up, they’re entered into the giveaway drawing. (Or, you could reward attendees with money back from their ticket purchase.)

When you use these tips to increase registration, Orlando event planning can be simple. Once you have your early bird attendees, are you fully prepared with decor, catering, and entertainment? Contact us online today to find out how we can help.

How to Retain Your Sponsors

You put in a lot of work to attract high-quality event sponsors, but now that you have them — how do you keep them? Learn how you can maintain your relationships with sponsors and encourage them to sign on to next year’s event.

Include a complimentary sponsorship to another event! Create a lower-tier sponsorship that you can leverage as an add-on for future events. This way, you keep your sponsor for a longer period of time, and you can also use that when you pitch to potential sponsors and demonstrate that your spots are in high demand and already filling up.

Hold Back
In the negotiation process, hold back on something that you’re willing to give, but don’t mention it to the sponsor. Then, you can surprise them with a “bonus.” Maybe this bonus is a special announcement highlighting their contribution, 20 extra social media mentions, or a booth at the event. This shows your sponsors that you’re committed to helping them achieve their goals and that you’re willing to go above and beyond.

Extras for the Staff
The day of the event, make sure that you treat the staff to an extra gift or bonus. Send them all free coffees, a welcome pack, or just advice on places to go and see in the host city.

Let’s Talk ROI
After the event, share hard ROI data. Choose three main metrics to measure your overall event ROI and three for your sponsorship ROI. These can be headcount, unique website visitors, attendee satisfaction, press coverage, or more. This is your chance to prove your value. If possible, give this presentation in person so you’re immediately available to address any questions.

Send a Thank You
Follow up immediately and send a thank you the day after the event. This helps to build upon the relationship you’ve already established, and it increases the chances that they’ll partner with you again in the future. Send a copy of the event report and ask if there’s anything else you can do to support them.

Get Social
Tag your sponsor in social media posts, and include pictures of signage or collateral featuring their logos; especially if you have pictures of attendees interacting with them. Thank them online and include them in any press releases.

When it comes to retaining your Orlando event planning sponsors, all it takes is careful planning and flexibility to build bridges and form relationships. Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to find out how you can wow your sponsors and take your event to the next level.

Tips and Tricks for Your Themed Event

So you’re taking a step into the world of Orlando event planning! Whether you’re planning sorority bid day or an office celebration, you want your party to be memorable, exciting, and most importantly — on the theme! Hosting an unforgettable experience is easy when you pick (and stick) to a creative theme. Fun Planners has some tips on how to give your guests a night to remember.

Picking the Perfect Theme
This is the most important step. You want your theme to be original and entertaining. General themes like western and decades are fun, but don’t be afraid to get specific! How about a night under the sea in a mermaid-filled coral reef? Or a glow-tastic blacklight shindig? You could even throw a sweet Candyland birthday bash! Whatever you choose, make sure everything that follows is consistent.

Party Decor
When setting up for your big blowout, details matter. You don’t have to be a big spender to create an immersive environment. Party decor can be inexpensive and should fit the theme. You can get anything from futuristic events with color-changing tables to wild west sets with a western stunt show.

It’s All About the Food
A guest can tell if it was a good party by how happy their belly is when they leave. Making sure that your guests have enough to eat will ensure a successful affair. Food is another opportunity for you to showcase your theming expertise, too! Try making “cannonball” meatballs for a pirate crew, or have a steady supply of Sun Chips and Milky Ways for your intergalactic adventure. Cupcakes are also an easy canvas to make an impressively themed dessert.

Make a Big Purchase
You don’t need to blow your budget in order to have a good time, but consider splurging on a main attraction. Casino night? Have some card tables set up. Carnival? Hire a juggler, face painter, or even a fortune teller. Rent an inflatable to amp up the hype, or a photo booth for your guests to keep a reminder of the greatest party of all time.

Whatever theme you settle on, if you let your creativity shine, your party is sure to succeed. For more ideas on Orlando event planning or to get a quote, contact us online or call 407-955-4949.