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The Best Company Party in Town

You’re the funny guy at the office. Life’s sometimes mundane, but you always know the right joke to crack. When Anne at the front desk shrank her favorite sweater in the laundry, you told her not to sweat it. Hilarious. Since you’re everyone’s go-to for fun, you opted to host the company picnic party… again. For years now, you’ve one-upped the t-shirt company across the road with your promise of only the best of times. You can’t wait to see the look on T-shirt Todd’s face when you head to the office with a big stack of board games cradled in your arms; one of them isn’t even a board game, it’s Twister.

The fateful day arrives and you’re ready. You close the car door, securing a display of saran-wrapped egg salad, two party packs of chips, and 15 assorted board games. After a quick stop at a balloon shop, you cram a giant bouquet into the back. The corner of the Twister box suddenly pops three balloons, and you groan, knowing the drive will surely pop two more. But if everyone pulls through, there will still be a feast and entertainment for an explosive three hours.

As you pull up to the office, you notice the T-shirt shop is closed; they must be too embarrassed to show their faces on party day. You’re glad T-shirt Todd isn’t around to see the spilled egg salad in the back of your car. The top layer is the only dirtied part, so you scoop it out and re-wrap the container. What people don’t know won’t hurt them.

You drop all your epic party contributions on the meeting table. Sally from two cubicles over brought a container of Publix cookies and a bowl of homemade salsa, but the rest looks suspiciously like what comes out of the vending machine downstairs. Sally’s the only one attending the party with you, bless her. After asking where everyone is, she nervously says that they’re at T-shirt Todd’s party.

Outraged, you storm across the street and knock furiously on the T-shirt shop door. You hear music playing around the back and can’t resist taking a quick peek — and you’re horrified. Standing before you is a towering inflatable, and your coworkers are jumping around with unprecedented energy. People are stuffing their faces at an impressive buffet, and Anne from the front desk is waiting for the entertainer to make her a new balloon sweater.

Your mouth is agape; your hands are still sticky with egg salad. T-shirt Todd pats you on the shoulder, attempting to look apologetic but not quite pulling it off — he’s understandably smug in his victory. You marvel at the luxurious chocolate fountain, laugh with your boss as he falls into the dunk tank, and cheer on your coworkers as they duke it out in the inflatable boxing ring. You sigh and accept your defeat; this was a hard party to beat.

Are you tired of being one-upped by another company’s parties? Put your trust in the Orlando event management experts at Fun Planners! You and your coworkers deserve it.

How to Prepare an Inclusive Buffet

If you’re used to eating everything in sight, you probably won’t consider what’s going on in a vegetarian’s mind when they’re staring at an ‘all you can meat’ buffet. Your tasty rib eye becomes a tragic eye sore to your guest. Don’t rely on the bread rolls or salad to feed your pickier or more particular guests! We can help you make everyone happy.

Ask for Food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions With Your RSVP
One of the quickest and easiest ways to make sure that your guests aren’t avoiding the buffet table is to include dietary restriction questions on your RSVP. Let your guests know that they don’t have to eat dinner beforehand because they’re just as welcome as everyone else!

Always Come Prepared
If you don’t know what your attendees can eat, the safest option is to come prepared regardless. It’s a good idea to cater to the better-known dietary restrictions: meat, nuts, dairy, and gluten. Plan separate meals for vegetarians, vegans, people allergic to peanuts, the lactose intolerant, and the gluten intolerant; at the very least, make sure that your meals can be modified to meet these restrictions. Consider using a dueling menu so that you can serve multiple entrees in an easy and professional way!

Budget Accordingly
Changing your food options to satisfy your guests could be as simple as adding a mushroom gravy option beside your turkey gravy, or chocolate chip cookies instead of peanut butter ones. Giving an inexpensive, allergy-friendly second option could literally be a life saver.

Label Foods
It can be difficult to flag down someone familiar with a dish’s ingredients — and you don’t want to put your guests in that uncomfortable position. Take the time to create decorative food labels for each item! Propping up these little cards could be the difference between someone with a peanut allergy dipping their spring roll into a sweet chili sauce as opposed to a spicy peanut sauce.

Worth the Work
Though it might feel meticulous to plan meals around different diets, the outcome is worth it. Talk to a professional caterer about how they can help! Caterers are trained to plan for dietary restrictions and can create a variety of delicious, unique foods that will meet everyone’s needs.

If you’re in the Orlando area and beginning to plan the food for your next event, reach out to the Orlando event management team at Fun Planners. Contact us online or at 407-955-4949 today!

When It Rains On Your Parade

You know you’re supposed to have a plan B (and a plan C, D, and E), especially when you’re throwing outdoor events during Florida’s summer. But sometimes you overlook backup plans, like what to do if the caterer is late, or if the electricity goes out — or if the rain comes pouring down? Take a look at these tips for what to do if it does indeed rain on your parade.

If It’s: 12 Hours Beforehand

Let’s say you wake up on the morning of your event expecting beautiful, sunny weather, but surprise — it’s overcast and cloudy, and raindrops are already dancing along the pavement! First, check if your location offers an outdoor pavilion or if you are able to rent a last-minute party tent. Then, check to see if your location offers an indoor space that you could move the party into if the weather worsens.

If It’s: Only 1 Hour Beforehand

If the party is one hour out and the sky suddenly transforms from crystal blue to stormy gray, first ask yourself if you have enough time to come up with a backup plan. If your location doesn’t have an indoor option, assign a member of your team to call local businesses or recreational centers to see if someone is available to host the event. If you’re unable to find a new location and the poor weather continues, you might have to alert your guests and team that’s it’s best to reschedule.

If It’s: Raining in the Middle of Your Event

At this point, you have two options: either send your guests home or embrace the rain! Evaluate your party’s theme, atmosphere, and guests before diving into the wet weather. If you plan to reschedule, encourage your guests to come back out by offering a coupon or discount for the new event.

The Golden Rules

No matter what you decide to do, it’s important that you continue to update your guests throughout the day! As soon as they notice the weather declining, they’re going to wonder if your event will still happen — or if it’s worth it for them to travel in bad weather. Consistently update guests through emails and social media to let them know your new location or the new date.

Most importantly, take this event as a lesson in the importance of developing solid backup plans. The next time you plan to be outdoors for a Florida corporate event, even if it’s in the winter or if there’s seems to be no chance of poor weather, make sure you plan for the worst case scenario! If you have any questions about proactive event planning, our delicious catering services, or the entertainment we offer, contact us today!

Ways to Stretch Your Event Budget

As an event planner, you may constantly ask yourself, “How can I make the most of my budget?” We all know that attendees have certain expectations that need to be met, and although smaller events can give you bang for your buck, sometimes as your events grow, so does your wallet. To better help you budget, your Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners are here to provide you with some ways to supersize your event without supersizing your wallet.

Get Creative with Your Space

Although Florida can be hot, as we get into the fall and winter months, it’s the best time to be outside. Instead of immediately renting a hall or a convention center, opt for an outdoor area. They tend to be cheaper, and hey, nothing says Fall in Florida like a cool, crisp outdoor event.

Don’t Serve a Full Meal

Eliminating the traditional meal service can help you save some room in your wallet. There’s a trend going around across the country, and especially in corporate, sporting, and various other events: appetizers. Appetizers are an event planner’s best friend; they’re cheap, there is enough of them, and you don’t have to sit down to eat them. For networking events, these are a cheaper alternative and gives time to mingle and be merry. For sporting events, no fan cheers while sitting! Appetizers are a win-win for everyone.

Use Sponsors
Using sponsors is one way to keep your budget and your wallet happy. Sponsors not only offer a fun and unique way to market events, but it also leaves it open to networking, mingling, and an overall positive aspect for your attendees. Finding local sponsors is rarely difficult, as the small business and entrepreneurial industry are popular in the Central Florida area.

When in doubt, Fun Planners can be your one-stop shop for fun, interactive, and unique ways to host an event. From top-notch audio-visual equipment to custom branding, and the best of the best in games, you know you can trust us. As your Orlando event planning experts, we’ll be sure to turn your event from drab, to budget-friendly and fab!

3 Ways to Make Party Planning Easy as Pie

When creating something, it’s best to follow a recipe! Orlando event planning can be done the same way. To help you plan the best possible event, we’ve laid out a party recipe that’s as easy as pie!

The Crust

First, you’ll want to roll out an outline of what you want your party to look like. Budgeting, though tedious, is essential in hitting the goals you need to hit for your event. Allocate funds to each category in your party plan. Shape your event by prioritizing things you need versus things you want to have. If you max out without planning out each aspect, adjust your plan so that you can afford all necessities. Maybe you need a few more dollars for catering because you forgot to include drinks in your plan? Pinch a little from each other category until you have the perfect budget. This framework will be the structure your party needs!

The Filling

Using your budget, make a list of everything you need to acquire before the day of the party. By getting all your ingredients together ahead of time, there will be less room for something to go wrong. A great way to eliminate confusion and chaos is by selecting a theme. A theme will keep everything unified and look great. In addition to that, themed party supplies are usually sold together or near each other, making your job easier. Be sure to plan out music, catering, entertainment, schedule, and favors! Filling your event with the perfect decorations, supplies, and attendees are essential for success.

The Topping

Whipped cream, streusel crumbles, and powdered sugar—yum! The final touches of your party pie are essential. Setup for your party should be finished at least two hours before showtime, to make sure nothing is missing and nothing goes wrong! This will allow ample time for you to look at everything put together and assess last minute touches. And of course, take the perfect photo before everyone digs in!

When aiming to plan the perfect party, your structure, decorations, supplies and finishing touches are all important pieces. If you properly execute these three categories, your Orlando event planning will truly be as easy as pie!

4 Tips for Your Fall Corporate Events

Wondering how the end of 2017 got here so fast? November is in full swing and it’s finally beginning to cool off. If your fall event has snuck up on you, don’t worry! Here are 4 tips for planning the perfect Florida corporate event.


Spice Up the Menu

Odds are, your guests have been to a few company events in their time. They know the usual event menu, so it’s time to spice things up. Pumpkin spice, that is! Foods like pie, pumpkin dishes, apple cider, sweet potato casserole, honey ham, etc. can breathe comfort into your guests and maybe even ease awkward office tension. Seasonal catering is a great way to set your event apart.

A Comfortable, Balanced Venue
Florida weather is virtually unpredictable. To combat rain, heat, or an unexpected cold front, try a venue with indoor and outdoor seating options! You’ll get the safety of the indoors, but also allow your guests to venture outside to a porch or garden and enjoy the cooler weather. By renting a dual venue, you’ll also double your decorating options! With an outdoor area, you can include hay, a scarecrow, some lanterns, and less formal seating around a fire. These options are great for making your event feel festive and homey.

Plan Around Holiday Travel

The countdown to the holidays has begun! When choosing a date for your business event, it’s best to stray away from busy holiday travel times. By choosing a less busy weekend, not only will you increase your event attendance, but your vendor rates will most likely be cheaper. We recommend choosing one of the weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving, possibly on a weeknight, to ensure the best attendance for your fall event.


Toss the Stress

After a long day at the office, don’t spend extra hours sifting through caterers, entertainment, and endless event details. We know you’re busy as the holidays are approaching, so bring your essentials and fall ideas to an event planner and let them handle the rest! By hiring a professional, you’ll ensure that your event runs smoothly no matter what. Your boss will be impressed and your coworkers will rave about your event for weeks to come.

We know you need the perfect event for your team. Fun Planners is your one-stop shop for planning and hosting the best event at any time of the year. Contact us for a free quote today! With festive catering, a comfortable environment and our team at your aid, your Florida corporate event is sure to be a success.


3 Fun Corporate Picnic Themes

Spring and summer are the perfect times to plan a corporate event that gets your employees out of the office and into the fresh air. A corporate picnic is a wonderful way to provide an afternoon full of food and fun for your organization. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to socialize outdoors while eating delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather. The professionals in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary picnic into a unique, entertaining event that your company will appreciate.

Internationally Inspired

You don’t have to host a typical picnic with sandwiches and potato chips. Try incorporating a theme with food from other cultures, and use decorations to add zesty aesthetic to the outing. Have the picnic consist of a combination of items from all around the world such as yummy tacos, Italian scones, German bratwursts, Greek salad, and fruity Japanese sodas. With this theme, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sporty Shenanigans

Center the picnic around a certain sport, and everyone will enjoy the idea of getting to eat the food found at sporting events. Whether it’s a baseball, basketball, golf, or soccer game, your staff will love getting out and enjoying a crowd favorite. In addition to hot dogs, hamburgers, soft pretzels, and nachos, make the picnic even more entertaining by encouraging everyone to participate in a friendly game together in accordance with the theme. Offer prizes to the team or player who shows the most enthusiasm or teamwork.

Block Party

If these options don’t appeal to you, hosting a picnic that everyone’s used to is also a great route to take when planning a corporate outing. A block party can have the traditional BBQ food including grilled chicken, burgers, watermelon, lemonade, and mac & cheese. Incorporate fun games like a dunk tank, rock wall climbing, or an inflatable obstacle course.

The experts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have everything you need to pull off an unforgettable company picnic. Once you have an idea in mind and want to bring a vision to life, we can help with any service you require. Leave the mouthwatering catering, endless supply of games and activities, and overall genuine entertainment to us.

2016 Event Trends to Impress Those Guests

Keeping event ideas fresh and new is the key to successful Florida Corporate Events! No one wants to attend the same event year-after-year, so revamp yours to keep attendees coming back for more! At Fun Planners, we are constantly looking for new ways to impress our guests. We’ve compiled some key trends that will be at every must go-to event throughout this year.

  • Color Palette. The number one color combo you will see at events in the next year is a rose quartz color and light blues. They will be at everything from weddings, baby showers, outdoor corporate events, and more! They are fun colors and can be incorporated into flower arrangements, food decorations (think cupcakes/cake), and lighting.
  • Food/Beverage. People’s taste in food are becoming more and more sophisticated and the events they attend should reflect that. When planning an event, think about these elements: locally grown/raised, natural, fresh, while also incorporating ethnic spices. For example, #FoodWineUnite was recently at East End Market to raise funds for the Orlando Pulse victims and their families. The most popular items were locally grown, fresh, and had unusual combinations of classic food, such as sausage or meatballs with ethnic spices. Beverages should be similar in that they are local craft/artisan spirits. To end the meal, think mini desserts or exotic flavored ice creams.
  • Technology. Social media offers many ways to elevate the digital interaction at your events. Live social media coverage is a great choice to incorporate technology into your event while also staying in on a lower budget. It allows people to interact online in addition to the physical party. It can include social walls, live sharing, and more. Snapchat now even offers the service of creating a custom geo filter for events. Consider making a specific hashtag for attendees to use and share photos with during the event, too.

The time is coming where many companies will start holding Florida Corporate Events, and the right colors, food/beverage, and technological interaction can make your event a true success! It’s a rule of thumb in event planning that success comes in thinking about the details, so consider this trendy details when planning your next party. If you need help thinking about the details, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

7 Ways to Shower Your Event Attendees with Love

Have an event coming up, but your attendees don’t seem very excited about it? Our Orlando corporate event planning methods will help you do something about this. Here are 7 ways to show event attendees the care they deserve.

  • Create a Sneak Peek: Make posters or send out teasers through email a few days before the event. Get attendees excited about what may happen. Create a video or slide show with hints about the event’s theme, speakers, etc.
  • Cover Fees: An important detail that some event planners miss is taking care of small fees such as parking and luggage check. Attendees will be grateful and remember this money and time saving aspect that helps foster their excitement for future events.
  • Visibility and Audibility: If you plan on having a speaker at your event, be sure that they can actually be heard. Work out technical issues at least a month in advance in rooms with any audio and video components.
  • Be Available to Answer Questions: Naturally, people attending your event will have some questions about it. Have all bases covered by responding quickly to questions through emails, social media, and staff.
  • Make Sure They’re Comfortable: Obviously, attendees will want to feel comfortable at events, after all they did take time away from being at home. Create a lounge with comfortable chairs, give them a snack break in between activities, or give them quiet time if they need it.
  • Listen to Feedback: Be attentive to the needs of people attending your event and make the corresponding changes. Music too loud? Adjust the speakers. Slow Wi-Fi? Work out possible connectivity problems. Provide attendees with a questionnaire so that they can give feedback about the event.
  • Maintain Positivity: Too often, the staff for an event will begin with cheerful smiles and end with frowns or apathy. Keep staff looking happy throughout the event and the attendees will be happy, too.

We hope this list helps you show event attendees that you care. Follow these simple steps and people will start getting excited about your events and look forward to many more to come. For more details about Orlando corporate event planning, browse our blog.

Planning a Summertime Company Picnic

The summer is an excellent time for you to plan your Florida corporate event, like a picnic. This 7 step guide will give your staff and their families a memorable company experience that they will never forget. Planning a corporate picnic isn’t easy, but we have compiled a list of suggestions for you to get started:

  1. Determine Who to Invite: This is key when planning a company picnic. Will you invite just staff members or will you also invite spouses and or entire families? Once you have this determined, you can estimate how big the corporate picnic will be and this way you can accommodate your audience. Note that on average about 80-90% of employees will attend a company picnic.
  2. Choose a Time: Timing is important, especially depending on who you invite. If you plan on inviting family, then the event needs to be after work & school hours so that family members can attend. Typically, these are held on a Saturday afternoon. If you invite only staff, you can potentially have the picnic during work hours where the timing might be more appropriate.
  3. Pick a Venue: Where you will host the company picnic will be important and the location can add excitement to your event. Take a look at your budget and consider some of the following options: local parks, amusement parks or water parks, dinner cruises, outdoor festivals, or even on the company property (if space permits).
  4. Planning Activities: Once you have your audience and guests determined, it’s time to pick activities that will suite everyone. If you have a picnic that includes family, make sure that you have activities that are fun for younger and older children. Bounce houses, carnival games, and rock walls are great for kids of all ages. You can also have some more competitive adult games, such as golf simulators and remote control car races.
  5. Entertainment: Nothing is more boring than showing up to a party that doesn’t have music, so hire an entertainer. If it is a large company picnic, a DJ with an Emcee with will suitable. Be sure to go over acceptable music with the DJ to ensure that all of your guests are pleased with the entertainment.
  6. Prizes or Raffles: Making a fun prize or raffle event is a great way to build anticipation for the picnic and can increase attendance. Don’t just make the prizes and raffles for the employees, get the kids and family involved too.
  7. Food: Food is very important when considering a company picnic. Of course, there are picnic classics like hot dogs and  hamburgers, but don’t forget that going healthy is all the rage right now, so consider fruit, chicken, and other healthy alternatives.

Planning a company picnic isn’t too bad, but make sure you consider all of the logistics. For example, what is your contingency plan if it is raining? Who will be responsible for the set-up and teardown of the event?

If you don’t want to deal with this hassle, or need help planning your next Florida corporate event, contact Fun Planners at (866) 511-4FUN. We offer full-service corporate event planning.