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# Tips to Write a Winning Event Proposal

Often, when companies are looking for Orlando event management companies to help with their special events, they will send out a RFP. These requests for proposals can be your company’s way to make a splash in the event planning industry. However, proposals can be tricky to perfect. If you’re looking for some tips to win over the big event of the year keep reading.

Do Your Research

Find out what companies look for in these proposals. Do they care more about the amount that it’ll cost, or do they care more about what you can do for them? More often than not, it’s both. Make sure in the proposal that you establish everything you can provide a bulleted list.

From catering to the venue to entertainment, it’s important for companies to see every step of the planning process. If you give them a huge lump sum without letting them know what they’re paying for, you can consider your proposal thrown in the bin!

Make the Proposal a Team Effort

Each event planning company has team members with different strengths. Let them take the reins on specific parts of the proposal. If one of your managers is great with budgets, leave the money up to them. If you have an incredible designer, encourage them to make a creative presentation of how they envision the event space and decor.

Follow a Process

When you’re writing proposals for businessmen or women to review, make sure you follow an order of operations like you would for any other client. First give an overview of the event, move into what the experience of the event will be for attendees, then you can close with a showcase of your services, budget, and finishing touches!

These are just a few of the sure fire ways to win your ideal clients. If you want more tips and tricks from Orlando event management company, Fun Planner, contact us today at 407-955-4949.

Create the Perfect Carnival Themed Party with These Booths

No matter how extravagant some events may be, there’s no beating a classic carnival themed party. From classic carnival booths to fun new carnival games, your guests are sure to have a blast. So what are some go-to booths and games when looking to host a carnival-themed party? Let the Florida team building professionals at Fun Planners share some booth and game ideas that will have your guests ecstatic.

Carnival games: There’s an abundance of games available to pick for your carnival party, but a good question would be “which ones?” Try having a mixture of games that are kid-friendly and adult-orientated. Here are a few examples.

  • Pluck-a-Duck: Focused primarily on children, kids will use a small fishing rod to catch the “winning duck” from a small pond that they circle.  
  • Ring-Toss: For adults or children, Ring-Toss is a classic game of hand-eye coordination. The goal is to throw your ring to land perfectly onto one of the many bottles.
  • Hoop Shot: For adults, you may think of having Hoop Shot, an exciting two-player basketball game. The goal is to see which player make three shots in their basket first.

Carnival Booths: Every carnival party deserves its share of carnival booths! Here’s a few to take into consideration.

  • Midway carnival booth: If you’re going for a more classical approach to your carnival party, these are the booths for you. Sporting the classic red and white stripes, it’s sure to give your guests the feeling of nostalgia.
  • Tropical carnival booth: Seeing as how we are in Florida, it’s only right to host your carnival event with tropical themed booths. This set can include decorative fish netting, lobster traps, and other assorted tropical props.
  • Wood fencing booth: Have a thing for old western movies? Then this is the perfect booth for your carnival party! With real, wood-plank fencing and trimmed in themed props, this booth is perfect for that old western feel!

These are only a few of the dozens of games and booths available for your picking. If you need assistance in creating your carnival event, contact Fun Planners, Florida team building professionals, at 407-955-4949.

How to Overcome Disengagement at Your Team Building Exercise

There are many challenges an employer faces to keep employees engaged, which is when team bonding comes into play. Keeping employees engaged is key when reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and promoting a happy work environment. So what are the biggest obstacles one must overcome to ensure the team bonding exercises make their proper impact? Fun Planners, top Orlando event planners for Florida Team Building, has some ideas on what these challenges include and how to overcome them.

It’s no surprise one of the number one problems managers face for employee engagement is getting their employees off of their phone long enough to interact with each other. Especially prevalent for younger employees and lower income workers, cell phones have made us screen-addicts. At Fun Planners, we recommend that instead of working to get your employees off their phone, try incorporating the phone into your team bonding activities. There are mobile scavenger hunts or mobile-friendly surveys that are both great ways to utilize their phones while keeping them engaged.

Multi-generational workplaces often have a tough time overcoming generational differences with their team building experience. Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millenials all have different ideas for what they expect in the workplace. Boomers and Gen-Xers complain about the lack of managerial experience the Millennials have and believe it affects their work culture. Millennials, on the other hand, want to incorporate flexibility and some fun in the workplace. Try to intersect these two needs by incorporating manager type training exercises with some fun. Every generation enjoys food and laughter, so you can’t go wrong with those!

In an ever increasing digital world, digital and remote workers are becoming the norm. By the year 2020, 50% of the people will be working remotely. This presents a unique challenge to employers and managers. How can you build engagement and encourage inter-communication remotely? Try planning a day once a month where you and your remote employees meet and work a day together at a coffee shop, restaurant, etc. Another way to engage remote employees is by having a team building event once every quarter where you get all the employees together for a fun day!

While there are a couple challenges with engagement for team building exercises, the end result is well worth the effort. Your employees will feel more satisfied with their work and therefore be more productive with it. It also leads to lower turnover and satisfying work relationships! If you want help with planning a Florida Team Building exercise, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

Team Building & Productivity: A Winning Combo

Fun Planners knows that when a team works together, they can accomplish almost anything! We’ve witnessed the power of Florida team building at our corporate parties, fundraisers, and events and have discovered when teams are brought together to be challenged at their core, growth and productivity are made possible. Team building transfers to the workplace, the baseball field, the club meeting, at school, and in any area where there is a need for an “all for one, one for all” environment. Here are a couple of ways that team building can help your organization.

  • Increase cooperation: Our Florida team building activities and programs teams are challenged to work together to build cooperation. When choices have to be made, personalities, preferences, and experiences are unique to each individual and  team building activities help in cultivating cooperative decisions with people of different backgrounds. For example, our Interactive Game: Rockstar System gets your team working together as they sing, drum, and strum. This allows your team to rock out and also creates a team that has an enjoyable time.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills: Imagine your team twisting, curling, and stretching across a colored and dotted mat with much laughter. Does this sound like the classic game of Twister? At Fun Planners, we like to call it the Giant Human Tangler. When your team is given a task and works together to fulfill it, they put their minds together, and by thinking creatively through many avenues, it will prove to be a successful exercise.

If you are looking for team building activities at Fun Planners, we are equipped to increase your team’s growth and productivity. Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to discuss Florida team building programs and activities. You can even browse the rest of our blogs for even more team building ideas.

DIY Team Building Exercises for the Office

When you’re doing a new exercise in the office for team building, sometimes people find it boring and monotonous. You want to find a team building activity that you can conduct in your office environment that actually works and gets your team excited. Doing the same old going around the room and saying your name and interesting fact is overused and will have your team rolling their eyes and disengaged from the exercise. Since Fun Planners helps coordinate several team building activities, we’re kind of an authority on the subject. Here are some DIY Florida team building exercises to break the ice for your office.

Pin It.

Whenever someone walks into the office for the first time that day, they take a pin out of a basket that’s been placed by the door. Each pin has something interesting on it like an icebreaker or conversation starter, and when team members encounter each other organically, they have a conversation starter with each person’s pin.


If you have a large whiteboard in your office in a communal area, you can have a chosen team member write a statement on the whiteboard that other team members can either agree or disagree with. Make two columns, one for agree and one for disagree, where you can have people sign their initials to the side that they would like to take. This is a more passive team building activity, where team members can come and participate on their own time, as to not interrupt the efficiency.

Office Bingo.

Organize a potluck lunch for everyone, where each person can choose what they’d like to bring. Then, conduct a bingo game during the lunch to keep everyone in the same room, engaged, and having fun. It’s the perfect way to break up the work week. Make sure you have bingo cards. You can even put a unique spin on the game by making the game about identifying unknown facts about each team member to reward those who know their coworkers best.

Coffee Pot.

Coffee pot can be done at a meeting or during a lunch break. It’s a highly-engaging game that resembles 20 Questions. You have the group generate a noun for a single player to guess, and as they guess the 20 yes or no questions, they replace the noun with the term coffee pot like “is the coffee pot an animal?”

There are several DIY team building icebreakers that you can do with your team. If your team is interested in some more high-level team building activities, contact Fun Planners today for a quote to coordinate and set up a Florida team building event for your organization.


Why Social Affiliation Works for Your Employees

Building relationships is typically referred to as “social affiliation” by psychologists and supports both health and wealth. Many can agree with this when it’s employees-to-customer or employees-to-client relationships. However, when it’s employees-to-employees, it’s often downgraded to “office housework.” Team-building is essential for a corporation to succeed, especially in any large-scale events. Florida team building professionals, Fun Planners, has come up with a three-step process to achieve this.


  • Determine the Tending Work: Managers can evaluate tending across three dimensions: organizational, team, and peer. For the organizational level, there should be someone to plan retreats, holiday parties, and other events. For teams, some activities can be lunches or running to get public acknowledgment. For peer level, tending can be through planning an engagement party or staying behind to assist a colleague.
  • Know the Benefits: Not only does tending strengthen productivity, but it positively affects profitability as well. There are three factors that should be considered:
  • Culture: An organization’s culture is the function of its humanity. For example, cafeterias and game tables can build value by gathering employees, thus building relationships.
  • Employee Retention: Tending reduces the “workers as machines” phenomenon and makes employees “sticky” to an organization.
  • Employee Engagement: Employees who are cared for feel needed, which makes them more engaged in work. They will be inclined to do more with a personal initiative.
  • Assign Value to Work: The final step is to have management signal the value of tending work that encourages strong culture and engaged workers. Meetings are a significant way to accredit employees who take part in tending activities. In larger organizations, creating importance for tending can lessen variability and increase accountability.


Team-building skills is critical for all organizations, regardless of the company’s size. In order for these skills to take place, a desire to do so is needed. Especially for events to thrive, the office should be just as welcoming and sociable to expand the chances of success. Fun Planners strives to help in Florida team building and can help you get started today. Call us at 407-880-3521 for any questions or concerns.

8 Ways to Keep Your Attendees at Your Event Until the End

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it takes careful planning and scheduling to host one as an event manager. With all the effort and long hours that went into it, the last thing you want to see is your guests leaving early. So, what exactly should you do? Fun Planners has the expertise in Florida team building skills to help you keep those guests focused and entertained throughout your event.


  • Keep it Short and Sweet. Sometimes, we try a little too hard to please our guests, which in turn lengthens the event more than it needs to be. Having a packed agenda can push the limits of your audience. Not only does this tire your audience, but it’s setting yourself up to fail as well.
  • Location Does Matter. Consider what the best location may be for most of your guests arriving. Of course, you can’t adjust it according to each of your guest’s comfort, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to cause any members arriving late or having to leave early. Most times, people tend to decide not to attend at all if they know they will be forced to miss a chunk of the event.
  • Save the Best for Last. A great way to build anticipation or have the guests leave with a lasting impression is to end the event with the best you have. One example of this can be to present a must-see speaker at the very end.
  • Communication is Key. Keeping up with time is a must for all events. Throughout the day, announce and ensure guests that the event will wrap up on time. If you do happen to get behind schedule, communicate how you will work around this, such as slightly changing the timings of presentations. Encourage and make it clear to the attendees on why they wouldn’t want to miss a single minute of the event.
  • Keep the Cat in the Bag. We mentioned earlier to save the best for the last. However, in order to have anticipation build up, give clever hints here and there throughout the event. By doing so, the amount of excitement and hype will greatly expand before you know it!
  • Incentivize. Having prizes should be taken into consideration as it requires the possible winners to collect the gift in person after the event has concluded. An easy way to do this is to gather the badges as people return for the final plenary, then draw a name, confirm they are there and distribute their prize.
  • Responsible Seating. Have your staff members or volunteers encourage guests to fill the front rows. Avoid large spaces of spare chairs as this looks better for both the event photography and the person presenting. Furthermore, gathering the guests closer together pushes for engagement with one another.
  • Amaze Them With Content. Bring and firmly establish value in your event by making sure to meet and exceed their expectations on your event’s objectives. By creatively mastering this, more people will be willing to stay until the end. The biggest compliment to receive is when people who originally planned to leave early ended up staying to hear more, or when people are still networking despite the event being over.


Hosting an event is definitely stressful when countless numbers of factors are taken into consideration. Of course, the main goal for any event manager is to have their guests all fully attend from start to finish. Making your event a memorable night may be a strenuous task, but it isn’t impossible with attentive planning. Combining these eight steps from Fun Planners is a great way to master your event planning. For assistance Florida team building, call us at 407-880-3521 or contact us online.

Team Building Chemistry–The Winning Solution

Chemistry is the science of identifying and manipulating substances that make up matter. It also applies to the way humans interact on an emotional and psychological level. When looking to create the perfect winning-team solution, it comes down to the chemistry and makeup of the group at hand. That chemistry can be enhanced with Florida team building activities and events.

If you’re looking to enhance your team’s chemical makeup, follow some of these tips and tricks to help enhance communication and collaboration among your team members.

  • A chemical catalyst depends on homogeneous goals. Meaning, everyone on the team, devoid of station, position, or experience, must understand and work towards the same goal. As a team leader, you can’t let the ever-present hierarchical ladder affect employees’ perception of their tasks and how they relate to the ultimate goal. Florida team building activities allow the entire team to work towards the same mission goals. It’s a less formal way to include everyone in a focused enterprise.
  • Fuse your team into a collaborative and cultured solution. Use team building as a way to let your independent team components dissolve into a unified solution. Once the smaller groups have formulated their collaborative culture, they’ll be able to apply this to the larger group and future understand the ultimate goal.
  • Supply them with a strong leader and the right tools. The right chemist can make any chemical mixture exciting. Team building is exciting and fun when done right. It’ll help to increase productivity and success as each member of your team forms a relationship with their fellow coworkers. Use measurement tools to track your team’s progress both before and after chemistry-building activities. Something as simple as a visual checklist will show your team’s progress. Also, be transparent with their improvements. This transparency will help to reinforce their chemical bond with their fellow coworkers.

Building team chemistry is most effectively done with a Florida team building activity. If you’re unsure how to start your corporate lab of chemistry making, contact the experts at Fun Planners today. We have the experience and expertise to help your team build and maintain chemistry, while displaying noticeable improvements to work quality.

What’s your favorite team building activity that leads to improved chemistry? Give us your suggestions and we’ll share them with our followers.


Incorporate Aerobic Team Building to Your Event for Increase Attendee Focus

Human-FoosballWhen traveling to conferences or organizational events, attendees often experience long days of sitting and listening. Does your conference-traveling team have trouble focusing sometimes? If you answered “no” to that question, well, I’m sorry, but you’re delusional. As humans, we have a complex mind that often becomes unfocused and restless. Luckily, studies have been completed that show short aerobic exercises help to immediately boost our higher-order thinking skills. The next time you host a corporate event or conference, make sure to incorporate a healthy dose of active Florida team building activities into the agenda for your attendees.

Not only will your attendees experience increased thinking from an aerobic team building exercise, but it’s also a great way to present a fresh perspective or learning experience that is applicable to everyday life. It’s also a great way to improve communication and problem solving skills, while giving them a fun and relaxed venue for networking.

With the addition of aerobic and hands-on activities, your event will be more productive and enjoyable for attendees:

  • A change of scenery. Letting your attendees travel to a new site, or even walk outside after a 2 hour discussion is a great way to recharge the batteries, and prepare your guests to refocus on the conference at hand. Incorporate a fun and physical activity to help them recharge. You could go on a short walk, surprise them with a quick, nontraditional Florida team building activity, or host a portion of the event in a new and exciting location. Your attendees will appreciate the change, and feel recharged and ready to focus on the remainder of the event.
  • Reroute the brain with a game. If a quick change of scenery is not an option, try a puzzle game or indoor activity. These simple games are very useful in stimulating the brain to think creatively. Have some fun with these brain-charging games–encourage your attendees to use scenarios to intellectually ponder and solve problems. You can also make them active puzzles or even create an indoor intellectual relay race to make it more exciting.
  • Have a networking “recess.” Take your attendees back to their roots by providing multiple networking opportunities, some professional and some a little less conventional. Consider hosting a recess-type networking event or a final day picnic in which attendees are encouraged to do one of several physical activities hosted by your event. Inflatable obstacle courses, group jogs, mid-day yoga, or even a friendly game of human foosball are all great options to encourage physical activity and rejuvenate your attendees minds. It’ll feel more like a company retreat and less like a standard conference.

Even minor boosts in heart rate can help to significantly increase brain power and learning for hours following the activity. If your event isn’t capable of offering breaks or adequate space for physical activity, encourage your guests to stand up and stretch to help them focus. For your next event, integrate Florida team building events and physical exercise into the event’s agenda. You’ll find your attendees are more focused, motivated, engaged, and appreciative.

If you’re looking for help with your next event, contact the experts at Fun Planners today. We’re the Orlando event experts, capable of providing your event with all the fun and activity to help keep your guests motivated and focused. What aerobic team building activities would you include in your event? Share this post and your ideas with us–we’d love to share them with our followers.


Give Employees a Team Building Day That Feels Like a Personal Day

personaldayEveryone’s heard of a personal day or mental-health day, but, believe it or not, these days are actually a necessity for satisfying personal needs and recharging our corporate-drained batteries. In terms of Existential psychology, the human need for spontaneity and to feel a sense of freedom are paramount to happiness. Regular habits and schedules are great for organization and avoiding chaos, but they’re also projections of our need for control, which can cause unnecessary stress for our mind and body. While personal days are a vital component to employee health and happiness, why not use the personal-day spontaneity and create an Orlando team building activity that unifies your employees while recharging their batteries.

Team building activities are used to build and strengthen trust, ease conflict, increase collaborative efforts, and increase the effectiveness of communication. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your current team or you want to reward your team for a job-well-done, consider hosting a personal-day inspired team building event. Here are some suggestions of team building days that are focused on fun and spontaneity, making them feel more like a personal day than another day at the office:


  • Create an arcade-game escape. Help your employees release their inner child by presenting them with a room filled with their favorite 80s and 90s arcade games. Make it a surprise treat for employees after they finish a big project. Give them snacks, beverages, and a fun-filled day to blow off the steam from a successful project.
  • Let your employees laugh with a comedic event. A personal team-building day helps employees relax and share laughter with individuals they may not usually share personal relationships with. Have a roast of your boss and incorporate activities such as SloMo Booth, Pix Place Photo Booth, and Air Graffiti Wall so they can memorialize their exciting day.
  • Put on an oversized game day for employees. Make a “Honey I Shrunk My Employees” gameday for your dedicated staff. With Giant Connect Four, Giant Chess, and Giant Operation Electronic Game, your employees will feel fully immersed and engaged in the activities at hand. The stressed of yesterday will be relieved, prompting a more productive tomorrow.
  • Host an outdoor activities or carnival day. It may be best to hold this event in the fall, but your employees would thoroughly enjoy an outdoor activities or carnival day. Play Cornhole, Croquet, or Frisbee Disc Golf if you’re planning an Orlando team building picnic, or create a carnival atmosphere filled with rides, Concession Carts and Cotton Candy Machines.

A personal team-building day will help your employees feel charged and ready to accomplish the tasks of tomorrow with a newfound sense of motivation and purpose. By taking interest in your employee’s emotional well being, you’ll gain respect and appreciation while building a stronger and more unified group.

Surprise your staff with a fun-filled Orlando team building event that feels more like a personal day. If you’re looking for a little help, contact the event experts at Fun Planners for rentals and event information. Also, share this post and tell us what your ideal team building day would look like. Don’t worry what others will say, focus on enjoyment and fun instead of strictly looking at productivity and results–a happy employee is a motivated employee.