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Select a Seating Style

How much do the seating arrangements for your next event matter? The answer is a lot more than you think. A successful event is led by a successful seating arrangement. It means that your guests have a clear view of the speaker; that they’re comfortable; that communication is streamlined and simple, both between your speaker and between attendees. Take a look at popular seating arrangements to see what will work for you:

Theatre Style
Pros: This common style, where chairs are organized in consecutive straight rows, works well for large events of over 150-200 people. Space is optimized, so you will likely be able to fit more guests than expected, and every seat is frontward facing to guarantee an easy view of the stage.

Cons: The audience is closed in, making it difficult for people to enter and exit rows. If you’re planning an event where you hope to incorporate audience interaction, this arrangement is not ideal, as it hinders communication amongst attendees. It will also be nearly impossible to serve any food or beverage.

Classroom Style
Pros: In this style, chairs and trestle tables are aligned in straight rows. Each table has about 1-3 participants, and you can group tables together. All of the seats are facing to the front of the room, meaning everyone gets a good view of the entertainment, and it’s easy to take notes or set up laptops. It’s also much simpler to both serve and consume any food or beverage!

Cons: Depending on how many attendees you’re expecting, this style could also close in your audience, making it difficult for people to enter or exit rows without causing a disruption. The tables will reduce your seating capacity, and the audience cannot comfortably interact with each other.

Banquet Style
Pros: This round, dinner table style of seating is ideal for events where you’re encouraging audience interaction and participation! All audience members are fully facing each other. This is a great option for dinners, awards, weddings, or more informal events.

Cons: Not everyone will be directly facing the front of the room. Where do you hope to direct the majority of your audience’s attention? Will there be a speaker or entertainment that they won’t be able to see as well, or will the speaker only command a small portion of the evening, with the rest left to small group discussion? Consider these things before choosing this style.

Cabaret Style
Pros: Similar to banquet style, cabaret-style has an open end at each roundtable. The audience is seated in an arc facing inwards, and no one’s back is to the front of the room. Presentations or various forms of entertainment are more easily absorbed and enjoyed. Food and beverage are easily consumed.

Cons: Consider the total number of attendees you’re expecting. This style is an inefficient use of floor space, as well as table space, since you’re not maximizing the number of chairs that could fit at each table.

Are you struggling to choose a seating arrangement for your next event? Maybe you’re debating which colors to use, meeting with potential venues to narrow down your choices, or just learning how to better manage your Orlando event planning stress. We can help! Give us a call at 407-955-4949.


Put the Fun in Fundraising

The Orlando event planning team at Fun Planners makes it easy for you to put the fun back in fundraising! Wondering how you should get started? Take a look at our three most popular and profitable fundraising programs to get inspired.

Casino Parties

This is a crowd favorite for fundraisers! It provides additional opportunities for sponsorships and revenue from guests. We are experts at creating a genuine, casino atmosphere that is staffed with certified dealers and occupiers who entertain your guests while also teaching them the rules and proper casino etiquette. Between our Las Vegas standard gaming tables, accessories, heavy weighted chips, mahogany, wood-finished casino tables, and high-quality, authentic roulette wheels, your guests will feel immediately transported to Sin City.

If you’re hoping for a modern touch on this classic night, take a look at our lighted tables! Whether you’re interested in our LED tables, such as the LED white roulette table or LED white blackjack table, or our lighted craps table, we have the perfect equipment for your event.

Poker Tournaments

Poker nights are the newest trend and create engaging, interactive, and highly successful fundraisers. We offer turnkey poker tournaments that can accommodate as few as 20 players or as many as 1,000, and we’re happy to customize your tournament to fit your needs. Our highly-trained staff is well equipped to train you and your team on the details of hosting a poker night as a fundraiser. These details are including but not limited to legal aspects, suggested revenue boosters, room diagrams, event agendas, tournament operators, MC/hosts, and a live stream video of the final table.


Festivals are the perfect choice for a fundraiser the entire family can enjoy together! Our wide selection of inflatable rentals can satisfy every age. Little ones can enjoy playing with Cameron the Caterpillar or in the kids clubhouse. Adults and older children alike will love racing through our variety of obstacle courses, battling in the water tag maze, and climbing our rock wall. We can design a package tailored to your event’s audience and organization with carnival games and inflatables, concessions, entertainment, raffles, and more!

Everything we provide is professional and immaculate to help you wow the guests at your next fundraiser! Orlando event planning is easy when you work with the experts at Fun Planners. Contact us today to learn how we can make your next event one to remember!

3 Ways to Make Your Event More Interactive

Creating the best event for your audience is sometimes a big feat. With varying people, personalities, and ages, events can sometimes be a daunting task. There are a few essential tips that help an event go from drab to fab although, and this means for all participants. The Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners know exactly what every attendee wants and needs, here are a few tips to curating an event that’s worthwhile.

Encourage Creativity
Deciding what activities will be the most entertaining and interactive is the most important, and most fun part of the job. Begin by picturing what kind of event you want in your mind. Does your event include bouncy castles? Does it include karaoke? What is one way to make your attendees never want to leave? These questions will put you in a great position to curate the perfect event. Remember, it’s important to keep in mind that the key to every successful event, is a little bit of a creativity.

Focus on Memories
What’s going to be even better than being at the event, is remembering it for the years to come. Creating something worthwhile for your attendees is the biggest challenge when event planning. You want something that will stay in their mind. Sometimes, this includes the biggest and the showiest events. On the other hand, sometimes it can even include really beneficial team bonding with coworkers. The path you take is up to you in the end, and by keeping in mind your audience and the setting, you will be sure to create the best path for your future event!

Although it’s important to make lasting memories, tangible souvenirs never hurt either. Think of what your audience will enjoy the most. Whether it’s a gift bag for everyone at the end full of candies, gift cards, and more or even a photobooth at your event for everyone to try out and print their pictures to keep forever. Choosing what lasting gifts your audience will receive mostly depends on the type of event you’re throwing.

Here at Fun Planners, we always reinforce the idea that knowing your audience is a critical step in creating the best and the biggest event. From creativity to memories, and souvenirs, our tips and tricks are sure to help your journey through Orlando event planning. If you want to learn more tips, feel free to read our blog. Are you planning an event this year? Contact us today for a free quote!

Tips to Host a Great Casino Night Fundraiser

Everyone loves a night filled with exciting games and entertainment, especially if they’re playing for a good cause. If you’re planning a casino themed fundraiser, there are some things you should know in order to make this unique event a success. The experts in Orlando event planning at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you plan a casino night that benefits everyone! Here are some helpful tips to get you started in the planning process:

Be Authentic.


Don’t just set up some boring tables and buy a flimsy deck of cards. Rent out real equipment to enhance the experience, and provide the actual games featured in casinos. Fun Planners has an entire setup dedicated for casino themed events, and we have rentable items including mahogany wood tables, roulette wheels, dice, cards, and more! We also offer a variety of games including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, and Roulette. Our services also include certified dealers and croupiers to provide guests with a learning experience as well as an entertaining one.

Raising Funding

Your guests will undoubtedly love the theme, and it’s all benefitting the community. There are ways to raise money throughout the event, such as charging for tickets to attend or having guests buy in to obtain gaming chips. Don’t have guests trade in their chips for money after all is said and done, but, instead, have another prize or reward for the big winner for helping support a worthy cause.

Pick a Theme

Casinos usually have specific themes, so make sure you carve out space in your budget dedicated to decorations and catering. This will add to the authenticity factor of an iconic Las Vegas casino, and the extra effort will certainly be impressive to attendees. Caesar’s Palace is a great casino to grab ideas from when thinking about how to set up unique decor.

Make your casino night fundraiser a success by following these simple tips presented by the professionals in Orlando event management at Fun Planners. We have everything you need to pull off a true, Las Vegas standard event that everyone will enjoy.

Maintaining the “Fun” in Fundraising

The success of your fundraiser depends on your action plan and the amount of activities involved. If you are asking people to donate their time and money, you better make the event enjoyable. Here at Fun Planners we make it easy for you! Don’t sweat the small details. We provide various fundraising themes that will entertain your guests and leave them satisfied (with slightly less money that went towards the selected charity). Our themes range from the classic fundraising Casino Night, the recent trend of Poker Tournaments, to Festivals, that a whole community can enjoy! Whatever your preference may be, we cater to the needs of any fundraising, corporate or Orlando team building events.

Here are a few tips to make your fundraising event successful:

1.) Knowledge and Awareness – Be sure to properly educate your guests about the selected charity. People want to know where their money is going and how it’s being spent!

2.) Publicity – Whether it be by word of mouth, posters or fliers, your event is more likely to be successful if you advertise it enough. Try to find unique ways to promote your event, like through social media!

3.) Be Understanding – The hardest part of fundraising is accepting the word “no.” Not everyone wants to donate but you have to be understanding and stay positive.

4.) Be Confident and Enthusiastic – If you stay optimistic about reaching your fundraising goal and you truly believe in the charity you are supporting, people are more likely to support it as well.

5.) Stay Organized – If your event is poorly planned, the chaos will drive people away and the focus of the fundraiser will be lost.

6.) Use Your Contacts and Networking Skills – You never know until you try! Use your connections to your advantage to draw more people to the fundraiser.

7.) But most of all, have FUN!

Fun Planners can help you create hands on and exciting fundraisers and Orlando team building events that are fun for everyone in the office. Call us at 1-866-511-4FUN to learn more about our services and to start your planning today!

3 Event Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

Many businesses pride themselves on giving back to the community and to organizations that they care about. Not only will fundraising events provide money for the goals of an organization, but it will raise awareness for a good cause. There are many ways to bring your fundraising program profitable success that can incorporate these three different types of events.

Golf Tournament: These types of fundraising events tend to bring in great success for an organization and can be a fun and challenging event. It’s a great opportunity to bring the community together and to create team building opportunities within your business or organization. Proceeds are generally collected through registration fees and donations; additional proceeds can be collected and donated to the organization from those who sell food and drinks during the event.

Poker/Casino Event: Organizations participating in a charity casino event can easily collect proceeds from a percent of each pot collected. These fun events have a tendency to bring in large crowds and give you other opportunities for raising money by selling food or holding raffles. Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack events are popular for casino nights.

Gala/Dinner: If you’re organization has a large following, this can be a great idea for those who plan and promote this fundraising idea successfully. Guests pay a set price to attend the dinner and the proceeds go towards the organization. The event can comprise of live music and raffles, and can range from a casual buffet to a black-tie dinner event.

Fun Planners is an Orlando event planning company that can help you plan and create an exciting and successful fundraiser for any type of organization. Plan your next event with us by calling us at 407-880-3521 and learn more about the services we offer.