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Select a Seating Style

How much do the seating arrangements for your next event matter? The answer is a lot more than you think. A successful event is led by a successful seating arrangement. It means that your guests have a clear view of the speaker; that they’re comfortable; that communication is streamlined and simple, both between your speaker and between attendees. Take a look at popular seating arrangements to see what will work for you:

Theatre Style
Pros: This common style, where chairs are organized in consecutive straight rows, works well for large events of over 150-200 people. Space is optimized, so you will likely be able to fit more guests than expected, and every seat is frontward facing to guarantee an easy view of the stage.

Cons: The audience is closed in, making it difficult for people to enter and exit rows. If you’re planning an event where you hope to incorporate audience interaction, this arrangement is not ideal, as it hinders communication amongst attendees. It will also be nearly impossible to serve any food or beverage.

Classroom Style
Pros: In this style, chairs and trestle tables are aligned in straight rows. Each table has about 1-3 participants, and you can group tables together. All of the seats are facing to the front of the room, meaning everyone gets a good view of the entertainment, and it’s easy to take notes or set up laptops. It’s also much simpler to both serve and consume any food or beverage!

Cons: Depending on how many attendees you’re expecting, this style could also close in your audience, making it difficult for people to enter or exit rows without causing a disruption. The tables will reduce your seating capacity, and the audience cannot comfortably interact with each other.

Banquet Style
Pros: This round, dinner table style of seating is ideal for events where you’re encouraging audience interaction and participation! All audience members are fully facing each other. This is a great option for dinners, awards, weddings, or more informal events.

Cons: Not everyone will be directly facing the front of the room. Where do you hope to direct the majority of your audience’s attention? Will there be a speaker or entertainment that they won’t be able to see as well, or will the speaker only command a small portion of the evening, with the rest left to small group discussion? Consider these things before choosing this style.

Cabaret Style
Pros: Similar to banquet style, cabaret-style has an open end at each roundtable. The audience is seated in an arc facing inwards, and no one’s back is to the front of the room. Presentations or various forms of entertainment are more easily absorbed and enjoyed. Food and beverage are easily consumed.

Cons: Consider the total number of attendees you’re expecting. This style is an inefficient use of floor space, as well as table space, since you’re not maximizing the number of chairs that could fit at each table.

Are you struggling to choose a seating arrangement for your next event? Maybe you’re debating which colors to use, meeting with potential venues to narrow down your choices, or just learning how to better manage your Orlando event planning stress. We can help! Give us a call at 407-955-4949.


How To Pitch Event Ideas to Executives

Business executives can be intimidating, especially if you’re approaching them with a plan they need to approve — and finance. When it comes to Florida corporate events, follow these tips when pitching an event and you’re sure to have success.

Organizational Goals
An executive wants to hear one main thing: how does your plan align with the organization’s goals? Demonstrate that you have a knowledge of the company. Discuss how your plan relates to member acquisition and retention, increased donations and shareholder value, and brand recognition.

The Executive’s Priorities
Consider your audience. Depending on their position, each executive will have a slightly different set of goals that you need to properly address.

If you’re pitching to a:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Focus on revenue, new opportunities, and how you’ll be utilizing current trends to attract attendees.
  • Chief Operations Officer: Talk about how your event will improve the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Show the revenue that your event will bring to the organization and how you will work with potential investors. If possible, find data from a similar event to support your claims.
  • Chief Technology and Chief Information Officers: These executives are concerned with enhancing IT resources. Let them know that you value this as well, and explain how your event will help them reach their goals.
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Share how the community’s perception of the organization will better from this event. Talk about increased sales and your value propositions.
  • General Councils: Discuss how you will protect the organization from any legal issues. Highlight the qualified medical team that will be available on site, or quickly summarize the paperwork that vendors will sign.

Share Your Data
Provide as much hard data as possible. Do your homework, and avoid speculation statistics. Focus on key numbers like potential revenue, headcount, marketing reach, and costs.

Create a Handout
Nothing says “I came prepared” like a small handout with your value propositions, hard data, and how you intend to meet organizational goals. Make sure to include your contact information.

Stay Short and Sweet
This is important. Not only should your handout be short and brief, but your presentation should be that way as well. It’s not necessary to dive into small details like potential venues, speakers, or food options; this will only get your presentation stuck in a rut. Demonstrate that you respect their time by keeping your pitch under 10 minutes (and prepare for up to 20 minutes of Q&A), but don’t leave until you’ve discussed and settled on the “next steps” with the executive.

Pitching to executives can be daunting, but these Florida corporate event tips are sure to help you reach your goals. To find out how we can help your next event, contact us at 407-955-4949.


Stick To Your Budget And Still Plan A Great Event

Organizing an Orlando corporate event is enough stress on its own, but making sure that you don’t go over budget is the real challenge. However, there’s no more need to worry about going over budget —with these tips, you can make your money go a long way and plan an amazing event!

The entertainment at an event is what people really remember. Some couples spend the most time choosing the band for their wedding because they understand the importance of the DJ; they can make or break the event! This step should be your top priority, so even if you need to shift around the budget, the high-quality entertainment will be worth it. Push a generous amount of funds toward live entertainment like performers, celebrity impersonators, or even cigar rollers to ensure that your corporate event buzzes with excitement!

Good Eats
When planning your corporate event, remember that great food is guaranteed to pair well with great entertainment. After all, your guests will be doing the majority of their conversing over the cuisine you’ve decided to serve. Delicious bites are not only the key to conversation but a great way to make sure your event flows without any dull or standstill moments. If people love your catering choice, they’re sure to stick around to chat and eat until the end of the event.

After choosing your theme or color scheme, leave enough room in your budget for the essential decorative touches that make your event pop, and cut any unnecessary decor. When you focus on decorative staples that stand out the most like centerpieces and balloons, you can go on a hefty shopping spree at a low-priced market like Dollar Tree and stock up on items at better prices than where you can get these items than at big party superstores. That way, you can stock up on more of the items that count the most, and avoid extra expenses.

Gift Bags
Gift bags are a symbol of good hostship and a warm way to send your guests off, but they’re commonly seen as excessive and unnecessary. For a classy finishing touch on a great evening, include one food item of your choice and a handwritten thank you note inside. A small, sweet snack is more practical than multiple presents that turn into a heavy hassle. The most cost-effective way to give your guests something they’ll actually enjoy is to add a wrapped macaroon, cookie, or chocolate bites to each gift bag!

An Orlando corporate event doesn’t have to break the bank; in fact, you can plan an exciting, memorable event and still stay within your budget. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

How Live Streaming Can Boost Your Events

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your Florida corporate events, look no further. We have your answer and it’s live streaming. Yes, as we transition into a completely technologically-advanced day in age, we must adapt our events in order to stay ahead. Here are some tips on how to make the most of these new technological advancements for your upcoming events

So Long Television, Hello Livestream

Recent research says that the majority of users in the United States, about 56 percent, watch live-streamed content at least once a month. With 48 percent of those users watching live streams weekly. Unlike television, live streaming seems to make users feel more like active participants. With many expressing a new sense of keeping up-to-date and informed.

Internet users are now demanding for their content to be available anytime they want, on whatever device they are on. Rather than the idea of sitting down at a specific time in order to watch something on live TV. From Facebook to Twitter, and now Instagram, videos and “stories” are finding their way to the heart of any event-goer.

One Stream vs. Many Streams

When it comes to the new age of technology and event planning, it’s important to know where your audience is, when marketing your event and also when hosting your event. Knowing their social media habits can also benefit how you reach that audience and in what ways you will attract attendees. Instead of sticking to one social media platform, take into consideration using multiple platforms. From Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook stories, to Twitter moments and live streaming capabilities, your options are endless!

Although live streaming is changing the way people attend and even market events, it’s still all about atmosphere and adapting to your audience. As your Florida corporate event experts, we’re here to give you some insight as to how to make the best of any event. If you have more questions or need a one-stop shop for all your event needs, feel free to contact us today at 407-955-4949!

6 Activities to Raise Funds for Your Party

Looking for a fun and engaging way to raise funds at your next party or Florida corporate event? Whether it’s for charity or the company, the experts at Orlando event planning are here to give you ideas to spruce up your next festivity.

1 – Silent Auction

This can be the main attraction or complimentary to your event. Essentially, items are on display with a bid sheet stating:

  • the item’s name
  • a short description
  • its value
  • the minimum bid amount
  • Space for people to make their bids

The items should be self-displayed for guests to see up close and personal. The traffic flow from the silent auction tables and food/drink tables are important. One tip is to have it flow from one to the other in a circle so it keeps bidders from seeing the items more than once.

For more added fun, items can be themed to the event. Such as a Great Gatsby themed event with antique glassware on display or a Casino event stocked with a poker set donned with Vegas flair.  Or maybe you have a sponsor who can help create custom gift baskets easily to support the auction.

2 – Raffle Tickets

Raffle sales are fun, fast, and easy. It’s very important to first check if this type of fundraising is permitted in your local area. 50/50 raffles are one of the most enticing ways to get people to buy tickets because they split the net proceeds with the organization.

To have this run smoothly as possible, you need:

  • raffle tickets
  • bowls or large containers for collection
  • one lively crowd.

Sell the tickets for one dollar each or in bundles 12 for $10 and so on. Have them write their name and phone number on the tickets and let them know you’ll contact them via text or call.

Live Auction

A live auction is 100% engaging with the audience and creates a fun atmosphere everyone can enjoy. Having a mix of inexpensive and high-value items and showing them one by one draws in the crowd and keeps them. But of course, this type of auction requires manpower for it to run smoothly.

For your Live Auction, you’ll need to have:

  • Registration table to register guests
    • Give them a number and paddle with your organization’s logo on it
    • The paddle will make them physically active in the live auction
  • Volunteers to help bring and display the items
  • Items that have high value, inexpensive, or the organization’s own items.
    • Provide one or more of your organization’s services as an item
  • An awesome MC or auctioneer
    • The MC/auctioneer aids in formulating an energetic atmosphere and one that really knows the mission and goals can help drive revenue.
  • Volunteers to record the bids
    • Each should sit around the room & have spreadsheets with the bidder’s # and bid to help cross reference when it comes time to determine the final bid.
  • Closing times for certain items
    • Higher-valued items should have sooner closing time to encourage last-minute bidding.

Poker Tournament

From 20 to 1,000 players, test your guest’s hands at a game of poker. This highly social game is sure to get the energy running. In addition, you must determine the monetary value of chips and provide the option for guests to buy more but also allocate the proceeds to where a certain percentage goes to the winner.

Attendance Ticket Sales

If the nature of your event or party is specialized, sell the event itself with tickets. This is the easiest way to generate revenue straight to your organization.


  • Establish different passes
    • If there’s some room in your budget, create different price-level passes that offer specialties like a VIP AYCE drinks pass or a valued party favor.
  • Company contests
    • Incentivize your employees to drive ticket sales & award the one that sells the most.
  • Gamify event promotion
    • Get on social media and engage with your audience, have them promote the event with your social tag and hashtag and choose a lucky winner for free tickets.

Merchandise Sales

What better way to commemorate a rockin’ event than with merch sales! Everyone loves event memorabilia. At your event, have a booth or section where guests can choose from different products like t-shirts, mugs, or other items that relate to your organization.

  • Promote the merchandise on social media
  • Bundle the merchandise with the ticket sales
    • Remember those different passes? Why not have a different pass and give them a discount on some merch?
  • Merchandise with your organization’s logo on it helps promote your businesses outside of the event.

Ready to take the next step? Let the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners help you plan your next exciting fundraising event.

6 Advantages of Hosting Your Company Party or Team-Building Activity at the Office

Are you searching for the perfect venue for your upcoming company party or team-building activity? Believe it or not, the ideal venue may be right under your nose. Hosting a Florida corporate event in your own office space may prove to be very beneficial. Here are just some of the benefits of hosting events in-house.

  • It’s Convenient

If you are hosting a team-building activity during the day or a company event after hours, hosting it in the office is super convenient. There is no need for employees to spend their time traveling to another venue, and it makes setup and cleanup easier.

  • It’s Budget Friendly

Sometimes, a venue rental can be expensive. By opting to host an event in your own office, the money saved can be spent in a different way. For example, maybe that $1,000 venue rental you didn’t purchase could be put towards a few different entertainment options for a company party that employees will truly enjoy.

  • It Increased Attendance

When the venue is super convenient, more employees are likely to attend. More attendance increases the number of people employees can meet, network with, and form friendships with.

  • It Creates Positive Memories

If your company hosts a successful team-building or corporate event in your own office space, positive memories are made, and then attached, to that space. When employees come to work on Monday, they might think of the fun they had with their coworkers.

  • It Provides Flexibility

Hosting a corporate event in-house allows for greater flexibility in setup time and cleanup time. Also, some venues come with in-house catering requirements, so hosting in your own office space avoids this issue.

  • It Welcomes New People In

If hosting a corporate party that includes family, hosting at the office invites family into their loved one’s professional life, which is a unique experience. It can also be an excellent opportunity to showcase a unique space or improvements made to the office.

Overall, there are a number of benefits presented by hosting a team-building or corporate event within your own office space. Fun Planners, Florida corporate event planning experts, have many ways to spice up your office space and transform it into something unique. Contact us today to learn more!

2016 Event Trends to Impress Those Guests

Keeping event ideas fresh and new is the key to successful Florida Corporate Events! No one wants to attend the same event year-after-year, so revamp yours to keep attendees coming back for more! At Fun Planners, we are constantly looking for new ways to impress our guests. We’ve compiled some key trends that will be at every must go-to event throughout this year.

  • Color Palette. The number one color combo you will see at events in the next year is a rose quartz color and light blues. They will be at everything from weddings, baby showers, outdoor corporate events, and more! They are fun colors and can be incorporated into flower arrangements, food decorations (think cupcakes/cake), and lighting.
  • Food/Beverage. People’s taste in food are becoming more and more sophisticated and the events they attend should reflect that. When planning an event, think about these elements: locally grown/raised, natural, fresh, while also incorporating ethnic spices. For example, #FoodWineUnite was recently at East End Market to raise funds for the Orlando Pulse victims and their families. The most popular items were locally grown, fresh, and had unusual combinations of classic food, such as sausage or meatballs with ethnic spices. Beverages should be similar in that they are local craft/artisan spirits. To end the meal, think mini desserts or exotic flavored ice creams.
  • Technology. Social media offers many ways to elevate the digital interaction at your events. Live social media coverage is a great choice to incorporate technology into your event while also staying in on a lower budget. It allows people to interact online in addition to the physical party. It can include social walls, live sharing, and more. Snapchat now even offers the service of creating a custom geo filter for events. Consider making a specific hashtag for attendees to use and share photos with during the event, too.

The time is coming where many companies will start holding Florida Corporate Events, and the right colors, food/beverage, and technological interaction can make your event a true success! It’s a rule of thumb in event planning that success comes in thinking about the details, so consider this trendy details when planning your next party. If you need help thinking about the details, call Fun Planners today at 407-955-4949.

How to Follow Up Your Event Properly

If you’re an event planner, you have probably put in months of hard work during long days. Well, what happens when the event is over, other than celebrating the joy of not having to deal with any more last minute emergencies (at least until next year)? Well, don’t celebrate too much yet, as many event planners understand the work is not yet done. Fun Planners, who work with Orlando event planners often for large Florida corporate events, team building events, and other large-scale events, has some ways you need to incorporate into your event follow-up process.

  • Send Thank You Notes: After any type of event, it is customary to send thank you notes to any volunteers, people, event planning committees, organizations, speakers, staff, vendors, or performers. It is even better practice to hand write those notes to create a more personalized appreciation for those who helped you pull this large event off. You should have a rather large database with their contact information from the event, and you can utilize this to your advantage.
  • Engage on Social Media: Getting feedback from the event is very important to make sure that you’re seeing an improvement in the event year over year. This is what’s going to bring you attendee retention and get you more notable and expansive in-kind donations and buzz for the next year. Social media is going to be one of the best tools for you to gather that feedback that’s going to help improve your event. In addition to gathering the feedback, keep your event attendees engaged throughout the year and excited for the event the following year.
  • Balance Your Budget: Unless your event is for a charitable cause, you will want to see an ROI at the end of the event, and you can find this out by balancing your budget after the event concludes. Hitting your budget goals is going to determine how and if you’re going to throw an event the next year, so make your budget balancing a learning experience.

Fun Planners understands that event planners work their tail off to ensure the event goes off without a hitch, but there are definitely some follow-up items you’ll need to perform to ensure you can throw an even better event the next year. To have Fun Planners, experts in Florida corporate events, take some of the work off of your plate, contact us today for a quote.

Your Guide to Finding the Best Volunteers for Your Corporate Event

Volunteers can determine how successful your event can be. Fun Planners understand that recruiting volunteers best suitable for your Orlando corporate event can be a challenging task, but following these tips can help you find the right people.

  • Recruit Locations. Productive and excellent volunteers are out there, and it’s just a matter of finding them. Begin by searching within your organization or the organization handling the event. Many times, the people connected to the event are the ones who are most willing and efficient in helping out. Secondly, the Internet is another great tool for discovering volunteers. Posting on college websites or community groups can help you find individuals looking for opportunities in event management and customer service.
  • Set Expectations. By properly establishing what you expect from volunteers, they are able to better assist you and carry out their responsibilities. When you give detailed information and guidelines on their tasks, you can be assured that they will be more active and productive. Sometimes, allowing your volunteers to choose their preference of the type of work can be of great benefit as well.
  • Communicate Effectively. Communication is key to building a better relationship with your volunteers. By doing so, volunteers will feel more confident in approaching you which will help open the doors to success and clarity. Have your volunteers meet one another as well to better work as a team.
  • Follow Up & Feedback. Don’t wrap up your event by simply saying “thank you” and sending them out the door. Take the chance to receive valuable feedback that can aid you in carrying out an improved event next time. Not only do their opinions give you information on how to better manage events, but can even help you retain volunteers for those future events.

We’ve all gone through bad and good experiences when working with volunteers. Without a doubt, finding the best volunteers can be a challenging and grueling task, but setting aside time to find the right ones will help you in the long run. Proper planning and preparation will help both you and your volunteers. Call Fun Planners today at 407-880-3521 to see how we can help you plan your Orlando corporate event.

Five Tips on What to do AFTER Your Event

For a successful event, how it ends is just as important as how you start it. Post-event tasks might be tiresome, but it is essential to receive feedback and evaluation so you can decide how you will handle your event next time. Therefore, instead of postponing the tasks, follow Fun Planners’ tips in order to successfully and efficiently complete your Orlando corporate event.

  • Send Thank-You Notes. We all love to receive appreciation. To think of it simply, the more effort you put in, the more impact you will receive. Rather than emails, send personalized cards to those who attended in order to leave a lasting impression. Social media is also a great tool to acknowledge your attendees.
  • Encourage Feedback. Feedback is the fastest and most important way to understand how well you did and how you can improve. The most beneficial way to receive feedback is to gather the information right after your event. Whether it be a physical copy of a survey, or through social media, gathering feedback is key to a successful event.
  • Balance the Budget. When you organize and balance your budget, you are able to better see where you stand in terms of positive returns. Although profits are not always necessary for events, staying within your budget is essential. Balancing a budget can help you see where your costs were successful or needs improvement.
  • Keep Your Website Updated. For many guests, their direct source of information is your website. Think of your website as your main source of marketing. If your website as out of date or contains irrelevant information, it can definitely hurt the outcome of your event. Your website is also a great way to announce upcoming events.
  • Relax, Relax, Relax. Completing a successful event can be draining. Take time for yourself after the end of your event in order to recharge. If your event took place outside of your city, tour and explore the area as a reward for yourself.

There are many opportunities to create an engaged community even after the event is over. Think of the end of your event as the beginning of your future plans. Making the effort to obtain feedback and evaluation is critical for better planning and for building your audience. Please call Fun Planners at 407-880-3521 if you are in need of help with your next Orlando corporate event, or contact us online.