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Inside or Outside? Event Venue Pros and Cons

Planning an event in Orlando can be difficult, especially when it comes to picking a venue. Florida weather can be temperamental, but Orlando also has some of the best outdoor venues to be found. Although the perfect venue depends on your event, here are some things to consider when deciding whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue.


When the weather is good, guests will enjoy being outside for festivities. Outdoor venues provide a great ambiance and beautiful, natural views, and there’s less need to worry about decoration.

Outdoor venues will generally be less expensive than indoor options, and may even be free to use! If you’re planning an event during a good weather season, this is a huge financial boon.

With an outdoor venue, you don’t have to worry about running out of space or guests feeling cramped. More people can come to your event, and you’ll have more room for activities and themed decor!


Weather can change in a snap, and if your event is planned in a rainy season, you might want to avoid an outdoor venue. Rain can ruin an event, and if it’s too hot, guests likely won’t appreciate being outside. You also run the risk of losing decorations and signs to the wind.

It’s important to have easily available bathrooms at your event, and with an outdoor venue that can be tricky. If the facilities are too far away, it could prove a big hassle.

Having an outdoor event has the added challenge of dealing with pests like mosquitos, wasps, and ants. Food can quickly attract flies and other unwanted diners.


With an indoor event, you have complete control over the weather and temperature! Even if the weather outside is harsh, an event can easily be enjoyed from inside.

Power Supply
You don’t have to worry about where or how you’re going to power any electrical devices because indoor venues typically come equipped with power. They also offer controlled lighting, so your event can continue well into the night.

Flexible Decor
Barring fire hazards, there’s no limit to your idea of the perfect decorations for your event. No weather will interfere with your setup, and you can let your vision run wild.


With an indoor venue, you run the risk of running out of space! Indoor venues tend to get cramped fast, and that can slow down an event like nothing else.

Indoor venues can be expensive and hard to book at the right times. If you’re planning to have a long event or are scheduling on a short notice, this might not be the best option.

It can be almost impossible to find an indoor venue in the winter because the weather will force indoor venues to be in high demand. If you’re planning a winter event, be sure to book your venue well in advance of the season.

Venues can make or break an event! Our experts can help you with any Orlando event planning needs, from the best venue to the best entertainment. To learn more about how to plan a perfect event, check out our blog!

Why Themed Events Are Your New Best Friend

Think themed parties are just for kids? Think again. Themes are a rising trend, changing the game for Orlando event planning and helping people plan better than ever before. Think back to Halloweens when you were younger — there’s no denying that the best parties were the ones where you could dress as fancy, funny, or spooky as you wished. Choosing a theme gives your guests a chance to get excited about your event and prepare for it with a costume, making it magical and memorable for all who attend.

Conversation Pieces

We’ve all been to that event where the crowd stands awkwardly still for hours, making painful small talk until the party’s over. Themes are the perfect excuse for people to strike up conversations, whether it’s by giving a compliment or laughing about each other’s costumes. Themes open the forum for new conversations and instantly make bonding between guests easier.

Beyond The Costume

Dress-up themes are great, but coordinating them with themed activities makes for a truly exciting event! For some friendly competition, you can host a Survivor themed event and assign team colors for guests to wear while being challenged to inflatable race courses or carnival games. For a more mysterious theme, you can host a Masquerade Casino where guests are encouraged to tap into their creativity and sport their most extravagant masks and apparel. Whichever form of entertainment you choose, there’s always a great theme to go with it.

Did We Mention The Photo-Ops?

Do you want people to keep chatting about how great your event was, even long after it’s over? Games, activities, and food are always highlights of an event, but the photos your guests capture will really make the memories stick. Before you know it, guests will be snapping and sharing all of their favorite pictures from the night, which is a great way to use social media to your advantage and get your brand and event out there.

Whether you have a birthday, company picnic, or other occasion coming up, be sure to use these tips to make your next Orlando event planning experience one to remember.

Drawing In the Crowds: How To Publicize Your Event!

Planning an event takes a lot of work; you’ve picked a venue, figured out all of the events and entertainment, and organized all the food you could ever need. Everything is going perfectly, and you’re certain your event will be a smash hit.

But what if nobody shows up?

Publicizing your event is just as important as planning the event itself. If nobody knows about it but you, who’s going to attend?

Luckily, getting the word out can be easy in today’s highly-connected world. Here are a few key steps to ensure that your event receives the maximum amount of exposure.

  • Solidify your event’s schedule and plan your publicity strategy around it.
  • Create publicity pieces like newsletter articles and/or ads, radio spots, or online articles. You might also consider getting local shops and companies to give out discounted deals or flyers.
  • Design and send out tangible invitations, programs, posters, and tickets to the local community. Make sure you send electronic invites and deals to people on your email list as well!
  • Create an event page on your website. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to create one, because people who see your ads or receive invites will likely search you out online.
  • Create a Facebook event page! This will enable people to find, follow, and share information on your event. It also makes it easy to make your guests aware of any last-minute changes.
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account for your business or organization, now’s the time to make one. Create hashtags to promote your event, and plan fun contests for your attendees to spread the word with!
  • Create a promotional video and post it on your social media accounts, as well as on YouTube, to give people an idea of what your event is going to be like so they won’t want to miss it!
  • Include links to all of your social media on your website, and vice versa. That way, people can find out more information and are more likely to share your event with others online.
  • Register your event on a variety of online event calendars. This is going to let people looking for an event find yours right away!

Now that you have a publicity plan, it’s time to make sure your event matches all the hype! Orlando event planning has never been easier — the experts at Fun Planner will ensure that your event goes perfectly.

Which Friends Character Do You Plan Like?

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, the classic 90s show “Friends” remains as popular as when it first aired. However, the real question is — which Friend has your event planning style? Take the quiz and find out!

1. One of your best friends is engaged! She’s asked you to help plan her wedding. What do you do?

A) Not wanting to only be the wedding planner, you launch into your ‘maid of honor’ speech.

B) You schedule your first meeting, then buy a binder and new highlighters so you can color code notes.

C) You panic, then make an awkward joke to try and get out of it.

D) You start crying — you LOVE weddings.

E) You’ve collected things for her wedding for years, so you pull out your box of them to get inspired.

F) You say yes and celebrate over a pizza.

2. The wedding is 3 months away, and you find out that her venue might shut down next month. What do you do?

A) You march over to the venue and demand they stay open.

B) You tell the bride that you can make it happen in a month; if she wants to wait, you begin calling other venues on your alphabetized list.

C) You go directly to the venue to tell them how upset you are, but get there and realize you’re too nervous, so you start searching for a new place.

D) You tell your friend you can get her a deal with the local museum.

E) You ask a friend to distract her with shopping, and fix the problem while they’re out.

F) Knowing it’s her dream, you go directly to the venue and offer to make any deal in exchange for keeping it open.

3. It’s the wedding day! The DJ was supposed to arrive a half hour ago and isn’t answering his phone. What do you do?

A) You surprise your friend by singing one of your original songs while she walks down the aisle.

B) You aren’t worried; you brought several backup CDs.

C) After leaving him a snarky voicemail, you make an awkward announcement and jokingly (but seriously) ask if anyone has an auxiliary cord.

D) You make an emotional speech about the love the bride and groom share, then end by asking if anyone has an auxiliary cord.

E) You search for a friend or family member to be the “ceremony DJ.”

F) You offer to sing, but your friend begs you not to; instead, you plug in your own phone to play music.


Mostly As: You’re Phoebe! You’re creative, quirky, and make all of your events special and memorable.

Mostly Bs: You’re Monica! You’re confident and organized, and your chic events always have multiple backup plans.

Mostly Cs: You’re Chandler! Although others know you for your humor and quick wit, you take your job very seriously and go above and beyond for your clients.

Mostly Ds: You’re Ross! You’re romantic and intelligent, and weddings are likely your favorite thing to plan.

Mostly Es: You’re Rachel! You’re spontaneous, driven, and all of your events are planned with style.

Mostly Fs: You’re Joey! Your clients feed off your charm and energy, and guests always enjoy themselves at your events.

No matter which Friends character you’re like, Orlando event planning is easy when you work with the experts at Fun Planners. Contact us today to learn how we can make your next event one to remember!

Start Off Strong At Your Next Event

We all know that small talk can be painful — after all, you can only ask someone about the weather so many times! We’ve put together a guide to help you kick off an event that makes your guests comfortable and helps them meet one another right off the bat.

Name Tag Swap

Dive right into the event with an early icebreaker, which minimizes any uncomfortable time at the beginning. Something like a ‘name tag swap’ is perfect! As guests arrive, ask them to intentionally select the wrong name tag. After everyone has arrived and chosen their incorrect name tags, instruct everyone to mingle about the room searching for their name — but there’s a catch! No one can get their name tag back until they’ve asked the other person three questions about themselves.

Live Polls

This is another excellent option for an early icebreaker! This is especially helpful for events with larger crowds. Questions can range from, “How energized are you feeling right now?” to “Where do you want to stop for dessert on the way home?” Conducting a live poll can help the host read the room, liven the atmosphere, and set the tone for your event.

Keep Their Hands Busy

It’s much easier for your guests to dive into a conversation when they’re doing something creative with their hands! If you’re hosting a non-profit event, plan for an area where attendees can create something relevant to the organization, such as decorating cards to send to children at the hospital. If it’s a holiday event, consider setting up an ornament or cookie decorating table. Plan for guests to decorate their own name tags or even cover individual tables with tablecloths everyone can doodle on. The options are endless! Your guests will immediately have something to talk about, whether it’s the project itself or passing materials down the table, and you will feel happy and relieved to see your guests comfortable and mingling.

One Word Stories

Select three to five attendees to come up onstage and create a ‘one-word story.’ Each person can only add one word at a time, which creates a comical, entertaining story! This can be done multiple times. Make sure you also have someone onstage who keeps the participants moving quickly.

Orlando event planning is easy when you partner with Fun Planners. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you create the event of your dreams!

Put the Fun in Fundraising

The Orlando event planning team at Fun Planners makes it easy for you to put the fun back in fundraising! Wondering how you should get started? Take a look at our three most popular and profitable fundraising programs to get inspired.

Casino Parties

This is a crowd favorite for fundraisers! It provides additional opportunities for sponsorships and revenue from guests. We are experts at creating a genuine, casino atmosphere that is staffed with certified dealers and occupiers who entertain your guests while also teaching them the rules and proper casino etiquette. Between our Las Vegas standard gaming tables, accessories, heavy weighted chips, mahogany, wood-finished casino tables, and high-quality, authentic roulette wheels, your guests will feel immediately transported to Sin City.

If you’re hoping for a modern touch on this classic night, take a look at our lighted tables! Whether you’re interested in our LED tables, such as the LED white roulette table or LED white blackjack table, or our lighted craps table, we have the perfect equipment for your event.

Poker Tournaments

Poker nights are the newest trend and create engaging, interactive, and highly successful fundraisers. We offer turnkey poker tournaments that can accommodate as few as 20 players or as many as 1,000, and we’re happy to customize your tournament to fit your needs. Our highly-trained staff is well equipped to train you and your team on the details of hosting a poker night as a fundraiser. These details are including but not limited to legal aspects, suggested revenue boosters, room diagrams, event agendas, tournament operators, MC/hosts, and a live stream video of the final table.


Festivals are the perfect choice for a fundraiser the entire family can enjoy together! Our wide selection of inflatable rentals can satisfy every age. Little ones can enjoy playing with Cameron the Caterpillar or in the kids clubhouse. Adults and older children alike will love racing through our variety of obstacle courses, battling in the water tag maze, and climbing our rock wall. We can design a package tailored to your event’s audience and organization with carnival games and inflatables, concessions, entertainment, raffles, and more!

Everything we provide is professional and immaculate to help you wow the guests at your next fundraiser! Orlando event planning is easy when you work with the experts at Fun Planners. Contact us today to learn how we can make your next event one to remember!

The Power of the Photo Booth

In the day of social media and Instagram, there’s nothing like the photo booth. Not only is it a fun, unique activity for your guests to enjoy, but it gets your brand online with little to no effort from you!

Encourages Interactivity

When you have a photo booth, there’s something for the guests to do right away. No one is waiting around for the music to pick up or for the first brave soul to step on the dance floor, and no one is waiting to see who the first person will be to head over to the food table. Photo booths provide immediate activity. It also helps your guests get to know each other! Maybe someone will be pulled into the booth with a few new friends, or maybe they’ll befriend someone comparing their equally-silly photo strips.

It Gets Your Event Online

The power of the photo booth can’t be underestimated. If your guests have fun, cute photos from the night of the event, they will likely want to share them with little incentive — and you can use this to your advantage. You can hold a contest for the best photo when participants post their picture using your event hashtag (make sure you offer a prize)! You can also reward guests for tagging your account or using the location by offering them a small prize or freebie.

It can be hard to beat a classic retro photo booth. However, if you’re planning to hold a social media contest, plan ahead with one of our booths with sharing! We offer a variety of booths that connect to their internet, allowing guests to receive both a printed, hard copy of their memories as well as a digital one over email. This makes it even easier for guests to share their pictures. Take a look at the air graffiti wall or graffiti touchscreen for an artsy experience. We also offer a SlowMo Booth, a green screen, and a Mirror Me booth. The Mirror Me booth may just look like a mirror, but when it comes alive, guests can interact and take photos.

Unique Entertainment

Photo booths are silly, unique entertainment. They inject your brand with personality, giving guests a tangible, goofy reminder of the good time they had at your event. They’re also very simple! After initially setting up the booth and its props, your guests can entertain themselves for the evening with little effort on your part.

Looking to rent some awesome photo booths for your next event? We can help you out with that as well as any other Orlando event planning needs! Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to get started.

Impress Your Guests With Unique Dining

It’s no secret that people are easily motivated by food. Promising that your next event will be an exciting night filled with delicious food is an easy way to attract plenty of guests! Instead of sticking with the traditional plated dinner, here are a few fun ways to switch up the food at your next event.

Interactive Displays: The “create-your-own” route is simple but offers unlimited combinations for guests to customize their food. Options are endless: rice bowls, sandwiches, pasta dishes, macaroni and cheese bowls, potatoes, french fries, Philly cheesesteaks, tacos, nachos, snow cones, S’mores, popcorn, and more. For an event where you hope to offer healthy options, guests can create their own salad, avocado toast, or even smoothie. All you need is to make sure you set out a wide variety of sauces, spices, and toppings!

Depending on how sophisticated your event will be, you could plan to have a hibachi grill at every table so your guests can enjoy dinner and a show. Another great option is to set up fondue pots and hot stones for each table! Guests can grill their meats to their preferred “doneness” level and enjoy the savoriness of meat and cheese, as well as the sweetness of fruit and chocolate.

Don’t forget to include “create your own drinks” as well! Set up an Italian soda bar, hot chocolate bar, or mimosa bar.

Stick With a Theme: This works especially well if you can pair your food with the theme of your event. For example, a summer luau pairs well with fresh fruit or barbecued kabobs and pineapple; a black tie event might be the perfect place to offer hibachi or fondue. The food is also a great way to pay tribute to the delicious food from other cultures by theming your night around the food of another country!

Breakfast Food: It’s hard to go wrong when choosing to offer breakfast for dinner! Many breakfast food options work perfectly into an interactive display; you could offer a biscuit bar, crepe and waffle station, or a “pour your own” pancake griddle set up on each table. For fancier events, aim to create more of a brunch atmosphere with beautiful pastries, an omelette bar, and mimosas.

Family Style Dinner: Serving meals family style, or from large serving platters laid out on each table, is an excellent conversation starter!

Our catering services can work with you to truly meet the needs of your event. Contact the Orlando event planning pros at Fun Planners to get started today!

Get Ready for Game Night

It’s hard to go wrong when hosting a good old-fashioned game night. Our larger-than-life spins on these classic favorites will wow and thrill your guests at your next event! Take a look below at a few of our favorites.

Giant Pick Up Sticks: Remember playing Pick Up Sticks as a kid? Now you can bring the fun of this game to your next party! Perfect for both the indoors or outdoors, each piece is 2” in diameter and 48” long. To make the game even more challenging, set a rule that every player must compete using their non-dominant hand. To turn this into a water game, have someone on duty to dump a small bucket of water over each player who is unsuccessful during their turn.

Think Strategy: The classic games of Chess and Checkers are perfect brain busters!

Giant Dominoes: It’s the same traditional game you know and love, only this time, the Dominoes are huge! Each of the 28 pieces measures  7″L x 4″W x 1″H. The great thing about this game, in particular, is that each Domino is made of foam instead of hard, heavy wood, meaning that this game is safe to play for all ages!

Giant Connect 4: If you have guests that enjoy competition and strategy, our Giant Connect 4 is perfect for your next event. Get several sets to create brackets and play ‘tournament style.’ If you choose to do this, make sure you offer an amount of time where the playing is purely recreational, so younger children or guests who don’t want to compete feel comfortable playing.

Twister Style: If you’re looking to challenge your guests’ balance and flexibility, look no further than our two options for a Twister-style game! Our Inflate-a-Twist puts a spin on the game you know and love — the giant, inflatable arena takes balancing to the next level. For larger parties with plenty of players, our oversized, 20’x20’ Giant Human Tangler mat comes with a 30” spinner to keep the fun going for hours!

Tower Tumble: This oversized “Jenga style” game of patience and skill is a great choice for all ages. Blocks are 9″L x 3″W x 1 5/8″H, lightweight and easy to maneuver! To make this game a little more challenging, have each guest play by the rule where once they touch a piece, it’s the one they have to remove, no matter what.

Looking to throw a game night or carnival night, or want to check out the games and inflatables we have available for your next event? Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to find out how we can help you!

The Psychology of Color

Close your eyes. Picture a room full of oranges.

Visualize yourself in surrounded by the lush, green Amazon Rainforest, breathing in the smell of flowers and rain.

Imagine you’re relaxing in an indoor pool where everything is a cool blue.

Now picture yourself laughing and eating hors-d’oeuvres at a fancy, black-tie event, but it’s actually a yellow-tie event. It’s still sophisticated, classy, and formal, but the room is overflowing with yellow linens, yellow desserts, and business executives and celebrities clad in yellow. Does it feel weird?

That’s because color has a powerful psychological effect. A black-tie event is called that for a reason; take out the black, and it suddenly feels strange and unfamiliar. It’s important to choose the perfect color for every event. Take a look at how each color can greatly impact your event’s success and atmosphere!

Blue: Blue is soothing and tranquil. Lighter blues inspire calm and relaxation, whereas deeper blues bring depth and intensity. Consider using blue for a business conference, team training, government, or medical event.

Green: Green represents the beauty of the Earth. It is fresh, revitalizing, and inviting. Green is an excellent choice for an event that encourages growth and open conversation, such as a birthday party, a fundraiser for a wildlife nonprofit, or an eco-tourism event.

Yellow: This color is often associated with brightness, cheer, and positivity! Since yellow can be a bit harsh on the eyes, consider using it as an accent with an opposite color like purple or with muted, earthy tones. Yellow is an excellent option for a child’s birthday or a launch party for new technology.

Red: If you’re hosting an event where you’re hoping to encourage passion, strong emotions, or even someone’s appetite, red is a great choice! It also conveys drama and urgency. Choose red for entertainment, food, fashion, and real estate events.

Purple: Hosting an event that calls for people to get crafty and creative? Purple could be a great choice, as its balance between blue and red stimulates the brain and relieves tension and stress. Use purple for events focused on yoga or aromatherapy. Because it’s viewed as a symbol of luxury and royalty, guests will feel special and regal.

Orange: An event that’s warm and whimsical pairs nicely with orange! It’s often used as an attention-grabber and stimulates mental activity. When used as the dominant color in a color scheme, it may feel overwhelming, so consider including it as an accent color and pairing it with an opposite color, such as blue, or with warm browns and reds to help guests feel welcome and at home. Use for an event focused on sports or education.

The Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners can help you choose the perfect color for your next event, stretch your budget, plan delicious catering, and more! Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your dream event.