How to Determine Event Fees

Managing money can turn a fun event planning project into a stressful nightmare. One of the hardest parts of the planning process is figuring out how much to charge your attendees. If ticket pricing stresses you out, check out these tips from the Orlando event planning pros at Fun Planners to help you know what to charge at your next event. 

Do Some Math
When pricing your event fees, consider the reason you need event fees in the first place — planning fun and exciting events costs money! Start thinking about what to charge by doing a simple equation: Event Cost / Attendees = Ticket Price. First, add up all your event expenses. This includes fixed expenses, such as venue charges, processing fees if you’re using an online ticketing service like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster, and any taxes that may apply, as well as flexible expenses, including catering, staffing, marketing, entertainment rentals, and transportation. Once you add all those numbers together, you have your total estimated event cost. To find out how much tickets need to cost to cover that amount, simply divide the total cost by the estimated number of attendees. The number you get is the lowest price you can charge for tickets without going into the red.

Market Research
Another way to figure out what to charge for your event is by scoping out the competition. Do some market research to find out what similar events in your area are charging for their tickets. Then, you can price your events comparatively according to how your event stacks up against others. If your event is newer and you want to encourage attendance, you may want to charge a bit less than more established events. However, if your event offers something unique that sets it apart from competitors, it could be worth charging a slightly higher price. 

Offer Options
Once you’ve established a base price for your tickets, you can increase sales by offering a variety of ticketing options. Along with general admission tickets, offer multiple ticket types such as early bird discounts, discounted tickets for groups or VIP tickets. You can also sell more tickets by giving attendees options for how to buy them. With online registration services, attendees can order tickets ahead of time from the comfort of their own homes. You can also sell tickets ahead of time in person if your organization operates out of a physical location, and of course there’s always ticket sales at the door — which can be offered at a slight “last chance” price increase.

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Fundraising in the Fall

Fall is the time of everything pumpkin, giving back, and celebrations. With the busiest point of the year approaching, deciding to host an event for charity can be tricky. With a little creativity for your Orlando event planning, you can create fun, fall-themed events to give back with your company and unite the community. 

Fall Fun Runs 
Running races are an excellent way to raise money for your favorite charity. There are a host of different Orlando runs in the fall to choose ranging from 5ks to marathons. If you know any family or friends that love to run this is their chance, especially since the air is cooler!

Many people love the spirit of Halloween, and take the chance to engage in many events related to it. There are lots of events to plan for all ages that can support whatever charity you donate to! 

  • Haunted House: Whether you are trying to redesign your favorite Halloween movie or simply set up some flashing lights paired with fake blood, these will draw in attention. Charge for admission, and have extra offerings to buy such as candy bags.
  • Costume Contests: Halloween is one of the few chances during the year to dress as something spooky or creative. Hosting costume events can be a great incentive for donations as friendly competition can create interesting costume ideas for adults and kids alike! 
  • Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree: Carving pumpkins is a halloween classic. Provide a prize for the best pumpkin with votes from the participants or have a panel of judges. Charging for entry fees is the way to collect donations. 

Food Drives  
Fall food drives are a popular, easy method to fundraise for any local charity. With many food-based holidays happening in the fall, collecting cans and packaged non-perishables is a great way to help the community. 

Football Frenzy 
Fall brings football season into play. Creating events are super easy if you have any friends or family into the sport. 

  • Tailgates: Show off your chef skills by hosting a tailgating barbecue. Provide food and drinks at cost. Also, you can charge for games like cornhole or ring toss.
  • Tournaments: Setup tournaments that are either flag or touch football, and charge for participation. Provide an exciting prize for the winning team!
  • Cider Sideline Bar: Apple cider comes around during the fall as well. Selling some cider to the participants in between games is a great fall fundraising tactic.

When it comes to fundraising, all it takes is a little effort and creativity. For more ideas on Orlando event planning or to get a quote, contact us online, or call 407-955-4949.

Boost Event Engagement With Custom Hashtags

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, organizing a corporate retreat, or planning any other kind of event, you want your organization to stand out. To get people talking about your next event, harness the power of social media by making a custom hashtag. Fun Planners, the leaders in Orlando event planning, want you to know how to create a custom hashtag to boost engagement at your next event.

The Power of Hashtags
On social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, users can search for hashtags to see what others are saying about a topic. The apps group together posts with the same hashtag so users can quickly see all the posts associated with a tag. Using a hashtag allows you to pull together a conversation around your event, and helps social media users easily find images and interactions from your event.

Choosing A Hashtag
When you come up with your event’s custom hashtag, consider these factors: 

  • Length: You only get 140 characters when you type out a Tweet, so users will be more likely to use a short hashtag. Aim for about five to 12 characters.
  • Relevance: Your hashtag should signify something about your event. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, sites like and RiteTag can help you generate hashtags using your business, location, and type of event.
  • Memorability: You want a hashtag that will stick in your guests’ minds, so that when they want to look up the event on social media, they can remember what hashtag to search. For this reason, you should refrain from long chains of initials (#ASCCF5K19) and stick to words or syllables your guests can pronounce in their heads (#PhiDeltFun).
  • Originality: Perhaps most importantly, your custom hashtag should be unique. Before you make the final decision, search your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to ensure no one else has already used that tag, lest your event gets confused with another one.

Once you choose your hashtag, it’s time to get it out there! Use your custom hashtag in all your marketing social media or blog posts leading up to and during your event. You can even display your hashtag on posters, fliers, or other print materials with a call to action for readers, such as “Join the conversation with #FLFUNdraiser on social media!” Don’t forget to engage with people using your hashtag; like, reply, and retweet posts with the tag to maximize engagement!

With a custom hashtag, your next event can stand out and keep your guests engaged with your organization long after the night ends. To find out even more ways to maximize your event’s potential, call the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners at 407-955-4949.

Benefits of VR at Events

Imagine an event where guests can snowboard down wintery slopes, ride a thrilling roller coaster, or race each other on a high-speed go-kart track — all in one place! With the cutting-edge technology of VR simulators, you can make this vision of the future a (virtual) reality. The Orlando event planning team at Fun Planners wants you to know how VR simulators can make your next event an out-of-this-world experience your guests will never forget. 

Something New
Until very recently, virtual reality technology lived only in the fictional worlds of Sci-Fi movies and television shows. VR simulator games offer your guests a chance to experience something they may never have before. Everyone has attended a bake sale fundraiser or a corporate team-building picnic. But how many of your guests can say they hit a home run on a virtual baseball diamond? Utilizing new technology will help your event stand out as something fresh and innovative that your guests will talk about for a long time.

All-In-One Experiences
When planning an event with a smaller venue, virtual reality can offer a space-conscious alternative to more traditional entertainment. For example, with a carnival game simulator, guests can go to one booth and enjoy a variety of games that in an ordinary setup would each have to have their own booth. A sports simulator squeezes a baseball diamond, football field, basketball court, and more into a space that can fit easily into an indoor venue. VR games allow your event to provide the maximum amount of fun for your venue, no matter the size.  

Total Immersion
The virtual reality experience places users in a completely immersive environment. Guests can experience picturesque vistas, explore worlds other than our own, or accomplish feats of strength and skill they couldn’t in their everyday lives. Because VR technology allows users to interact with and manipulate their environment, users can feel like they truly inhabit the simulation. The immersive power of VR creates an event unlike any other that will have your guests mesmerized.

The amazingly advanced technology of virtual reality simulators can take your event to the next level, and Fun Planners, the Orlando event planning professionals, can help you find which VR product you should reserve for your next event. Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Planning the Perfect Bid Day

Sorority bid day is like having your birthday come twice a year. You wake up early, feeling excited, and then you receive some presents in the form of new sisters! Whether rush is right around the corner or not until Spring, a successful bid day requires time for planning. Fun Planners, Orlando event planning professionals, have everything you need to throw a memorable and cute sorority bid day.

Themes, Themes, Themes!
The best part about each year’s bid day is having a different, creative theme to go along with it. You want your theme to stand out from the other chapters, and you want your new members to be able to post cute pictures on Instagram. Here are a couple of perfect themes to show your new sisters they’re home:

  • Carnival: Rent out some carnival booths and treat your new sisters to a fun-filled day with lots of games, prizes, and cotton candy!
  • Las Vegas: Take your sisters out for a walk on the wild side by renting some game tables, mixing some mocktails, and putting together a party playlist.
  • Tropical: Unwind after a stressful week of recruitment, and relax on your own private island by setting up a volleyball court and some lawn games, like flamingo ring toss.
  • The Big Game: Celebrate the win of new members by playing your own scrimmages, eating game day snacks, and wearing your favorite spirit wear!

Last but most certainly not least, don’t forget the photo spot! Whether you’re looking to rent a photo booth or want to set up a cute photo backdrop, ensuring that there is a place to pose is essential to showing off your event.

It’s never too early to start getting all those elaborate decorations together for bid day. Go online or call 407-955-4949 to get everything you need for the perfect sorority bid day from Orlando event planning company, Fun Planners.

Dance the Night Away

Whether you’re raising money for your own organization or for an intended philanthropy, you need a unique fundraiser that will attract the masses and generate a lot of donations. Dance-a-thons are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among colleges and high schools. They are high energy events that get a lot of people participating. Fun Planners, Orlando event planning professionals, have everything you need to get your show on the road.

The Run-Down
When hosting a dance-a-thon, you will want to secure some larger sponsors, like local businesses. Their donations will allow you to pay for the event setup, and in return, the sponsors can promote their businesses at booths at your event. Participants in the actual dance-a-thon will sign up, either as a team or individual, and pledge to raise a minimum amount of money. Dances will seek donations and pledges from friends, family, and coworkers before the event. As the person in charge of the event, you get to decide if you will charge participants for the number of hours they dance, or just assign a flat rate. Decide if a method of payment is preferred, or if you will accept all forms, such as cash, check, and even online payments. You will also need to assemble a leadership team of volunteers who will staff the event, ensuring that all participants follow the rules. Consider keeping your volunteers on a rotating schedule, as most dance-a-thons last anywhere between 12 and 24 hours.

Make It a Blast
Your event should be held in a large, indoor location, such as a school gym or arena. After determining logistics like time and budget, you will want to recruit dancers by marketing your fundraiser. Hype up your event by hiring a live band or DJ to keep the tunes going all night long. Sell merchandise with your brand to commemorate the night. Decorate to a theme, or simply use light-up enhancements to keep your party going. Offer refreshments at a concession stand, or even sell tickets to attend a breakfast to refuel your dancers after the event. Lastly, allow late-comers to purchase tickets at the door. The more dancers out there on the floor, the bigger the success of your event will be.

Try something different, energetic, and fun. Host a dance-a-thon for a night to remember, and to ensure funds raised for your philanthropy. Visit Orlando event planning company Fun Planners online or call 407-955-4949 for everything you need to hold the best dance-a-thon ever.

Fun and Fancy Fundraisers

Everyone loves supporting a good cause, and it’s all the better when doing so means getting to attend a fun event. You want your fundraiser to be memorable, popular, and most importantly, successful. A fundraiser’s success is measured in two parts: how much money it raised for the cause it’s supporting, and how much positive attention it received. In order to achieve this, your fundraiser should stand out. Orlando event planning professionals, Fun Planners, have got everything you need to ensure a successful and memorable fundraising event.

Play Ball!
Your fundraiser should have a main event, something that’s going to bring everyone together. Consider hosting a team sporting event, one that will be able to employ a large number of people. Get a slam dunk basketball team together, or break out the inflatable goal post for a game of flag football. Everyone will get a kick out of an exciting game of dodgeball, and people will come from all over to cheer on a kickball team. Whatever team sport you pick will be sure to draw in the crowds. Set up a concessions area for even more fun!

It’s Your Time to Shine
Each person has always wanted their five minutes of fame. Set up a stage and put on a show! Karaoke never fails to put people in good spirits, and a little talent show is sure to give you big results. A DJ can provide the perfect tracks for a dance-off or dance-a-thon. Got stage fright? No worries! Fun Planners has a variety of talented professionals who are sure to keep the show going.

The Main Event
Why settle for a simple bake sale? When supporting a good cause, you can never go too big. Consider hosting a large event for an extended period of time. This will allow a multitude of people to come and go as they please make donations throughout the event. A carnival can generate a lot of proceeds through ticket sales, and an inflatable obstacle course always pumps up the energy. Or consider giving back a small percentage of the donations as a prize at the end of the fundraiser. Hosting a casino night will attract a lot of hopefuls and keep everyone in good spirits as they try to win. An auction is another event that will attract crowds eager to win something. You can source your prizes from local venues and companies that will be happy to donate to your good cause.

When it comes to hosting a memorable and successful fundraiser, Orlando event planning company Fun Planners has got your back and can provide you with everything you need! Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.


Fall in Love with Autumn Foods

Nothing brings people together like food. Think about it: what do the holidays, birthdays, and parties focus their planning around? Delectable food, whether it’s from restaurants, homemade, or catered. Food is an important aspect of Orlando event planning, especially in the fall when the harvest brings in those all-time favorite treat ideas. 

The Cup is Half Full
Everyone loves a good dip, even more so when it looks creative and fun. Let’s say you’ve made some chocolate pumpkin cranberry cookies, and you want to serve them in a more unique way compared to just placing them on a platter. Try serving the cookies on top of an individual glass filled with any type of milk. This allows people to get a cookie, and have a great time dipping it into the glass. The concept works well with any sauce, too! 

Take a Flight
Sometimes indecisiveness saves the day. If you have a ton of ideas but don’t know how to implement them, then there is a great solution. Create flights of various drinks, sliders, or specific pairings of foods that complement different types of beverages. Flights are usually long, narrow serving boards that provide a small taste of multiple flavors of whatever is served. People love options! 

The presentation can make a break an event itself. Get creative with how you’re presenting your fall food ideas. Skewers are always fun, they’re simple to make and serve! Try using rosemary stems to skewer your pumpkin, potatoes, or turkey! Wooden sticks are easy to grab, perhaps you can make pecan cinnamon roll pinwheels. Catering is always a resourceful option as well! Also, implement decorative dishes and platters in an elevating fashion to make your event shine. 

Cranberries are tart, bitter, mouth-puckering red berries that are essential for all things fall. You can make cranberry juice or add it to mulled wine. Use them to create your very own famous cranberry sauce, dressing, or even jelly it — let’s be honest you can do better than the one in the can! Don’t forget dessert, cranberry pies or parfaits are excellent for after any great fall dinner. 

When it comes to all things fall for Orlando event planning company, Fun Planners thinks outside of the box just for you! Call 407-955-4949 or go online to receive a quote today.

Local Venues for the Summer

As temperatures rise, make sure you consider summer-friendly venues for the new season. Fun Planners, an Orlando event planning company, has a list of venues we recommend for summertime events.

Central Florida Fairgrounds
The Central Florida Fairgrounds and Exposition Park is the go-to space for concerts and carnivals. The amphitheater is perfect for bands to perform in front of large crowds at a music festival, while the grassy field is large enough to accommodate an entire fair equipped with Ferris wheels and other amusement park rides. The main building is convenient if you need a break from the summertime temperatures to bask in air conditioning.

Located in the heart of downtown, this glitzy rooftop club includes a dancefloor, private cabanas, and quality bottle service. The lounge terrace gives you a view of downtown Orlando in a South Beach-style atmosphere, where the DJ spins dance hits under the starry skies. Think summertime attire and neon lights for the ultimate dance party or rave.

Orchid Garden
For formal, upscale events, the Orchid Garden at Church Street Station is your place. From its wrought-iron rafters and sweeping staircases to overhead balconies and outdoor courtyard, this banquet ballroom is for the grandest and sophisticated celebrations. The venue is a recreation of a Victorian palace, with its elegant and romantic architecture, chandeliers, and furniture (including Chiavari chairs).

Winter Park Farmers’ Market
Located on New England Avenue in Winter Park, this old train depot has been restored into a historical landmark. With its original brick walls and sliding wood doors, this antique building gives farmhouse feels that are great for weddings or other celebratory events. This 2,800-square-foot facility seats 180 guests and is air-conditioned for those hot summer days. It’s equipped with commercial refrigeration and an ice machine. Your rental would include tables and chairs. All you need is your guests and food, then you’re good to go!

East End Market
Located in the Audubon Park Garden District, East End Market is an indoor marketplace that supports small and local businesses, with an emphasis on the culinary. It houses food and retail businesses, such as a full alcoholic bar, a farm-to-table chef-service cuisine, a craft coffee roaster, inspired floral shop. Get comfy in their courtyard while sitting under string lights and among a collection of cacti. The venue is perfect for indie events markets that can showcase local food trucks, vendors, artists, authors, musicians, and more.

When you use these tips to increase registration, Orlando event planning can be simple. Contact us online today to find out how we can help.

How to Retain Your Sponsors

You put in a lot of work to attract high-quality event sponsors, but now that you have them — how do you keep them? Learn how you can maintain your relationships with sponsors and encourage them to sign on to next year’s event.

Include a complimentary sponsorship to another event! Create a lower-tier sponsorship that you can leverage as an add-on for future events. This way, you keep your sponsor for a longer period of time, and you can also use that when you pitch to potential sponsors and demonstrate that your spots are in high demand and already filling up.

Hold Back
In the negotiation process, hold back on something that you’re willing to give, but don’t mention it to the sponsor. Then, you can surprise them with a “bonus.” Maybe this bonus is a special announcement highlighting their contribution, 20 extra social media mentions, or a booth at the event. This shows your sponsors that you’re committed to helping them achieve their goals and that you’re willing to go above and beyond.

Extras for the Staff
The day of the event, make sure that you treat the staff to an extra gift or bonus. Send them all free coffees, a welcome pack, or just advice on places to go and see in the host city.

Let’s Talk ROI
After the event, share hard ROI data. Choose three main metrics to measure your overall event ROI and three for your sponsorship ROI. These can be headcount, unique website visitors, attendee satisfaction, press coverage, or more. This is your chance to prove your value. If possible, give this presentation in person so you’re immediately available to address any questions.

Send a Thank You
Follow up immediately and send a thank you the day after the event. This helps to build upon the relationship you’ve already established, and it increases the chances that they’ll partner with you again in the future. Send a copy of the event report and ask if there’s anything else you can do to support them.

Get Social
Tag your sponsor in social media posts, and include pictures of signage or collateral featuring their logos; especially if you have pictures of attendees interacting with them. Thank them online and include them in any press releases.

When it comes to retaining your Orlando event planning sponsors, all it takes is careful planning and flexibility to build bridges and form relationships. Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to find out how you can wow your sponsors and take your event to the next level.