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Work Together With Team Building Exercises

It’s important for a team to know how to work together, communicate, and collaborate during times of stress or high pressure. A great way to encourage this is to plan or host team-building exercises or team-based events outside of work.

We offer several team-building exercises, all of which provide some fun and exciting opportunities for your team to develop experience working together! There are three main activity categories:

Physical Challenges
These events are great for sports teams or fitness enthusiasts. From obstacle courses to gladiator jousting, Fun Planners offers several physical challenges, including but not limited to:

Silly Olympics
Fun, silly exercises are perfect for kids and youth teams, but adults can get in on the action too! The Silly Olympics also include less physical activities, such as puzzles or trivia games, so those who are less fitness-inclined can enjoy themselves. Among other events, this option includes:

  • Got-To-Go Racers
  • Bigfoot Relay
  • Giant Tricycles
  • Oversized Puzzles
  • Riddles & Trivia

Game Shows
We are proud to introduce our exciting new event, Game Show Mania. Game Show Mania features similar versions of your favorite game shows, and includes podiums with lockout buzzers and gooseneck microphones, projection screens, technicians, and more. You can even have a professional host narrate the game if you want to participate as a contestant! Games you can choose to play include:

  • Jeopardy
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Family Feud
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

We offer amazing Orlando team building exercises for any group. These activities can be used for any type of event or entertainment— or even if you just want to have some fun with friends! Call us today at 866-511-4FUN or click here to receive an online quote.

How Your Personality Affects Your Planning Strategy

According to Myers-Briggs, there are 16 unique personality types. Curious about which type you are and how it affects your event planning career? Take the quiz here, and then read on to learn more!

The Introverts:

ISTJs are diligent hard workers. You feel stressed when things are rushed, so plan ahead by delegating tasks to trustworthy team members.

ISFJs are loyal and understanding. Conflicts and last-minute changes stress you out. Prep multiple backup plans and train your team on conflict management.

INFJs are compassionate and imaginative. You feel stressed in disorder and when others are negative. Plan ahead and invest in a trustworthy team that values kind, open communication.

INTJs are innovative and independent. Procrastination and a lack of initiative stress you out. Hold weekly accountability meetings to check progress and reward self-motivated team members.

ISTPs are analytical troubleshooters. Inefficiency and strict guidelines stress you out. Invest in a team that you trust and hold weekly accountability meetings to check progress.

ISFPs are cooperative and loyal. You feel stressed when there’s a time crunch and a lack of understanding, so plan ahead and delegate tasks. Encourage your team to ask questions when they don’t understand and let them know you’ll do the same.

INFPs are flexible, reflective, and empathetic. Open disrespect and disharmony stress you out, so invest time in a team that works well together.

INTPs are independent and theoretical. Interruptions and a lack of logic stress you out, so schedule time for the unexpected in your daily life.

The Extroverts:

ESTPs are energetic troubleshooters. Quick decisions and isolation stress you out. Since you work best on a team of active, task-oriented people, invest in a team that you trust.

ESFPs are spontaneous, playful, and resourceful. You feel stressed by heavy data analysis and abstract information. Delegate financial and data responsibilities to a team member you trust.

ENFPs are expressive and friendly. Over-commitment and endless detail stress you out, so delegate detail-oriented tasks to team members with those skills.

ENTPs are strategic and enthusiastic. Isolation and deadlines stress you out, so hold weekly team meetings for accountability and to check progress.

ESTJs are responsible and straightforward. Constant changes and inefficient workers stress you out, so prep multiple backup plans and invest in a quality team.

ESFJs are warm, decisive team players. Isolation and uncertainty stress you out, so invest in a team with a wide range of skills.

ENFJs are collaborative and persuasive. Since procrastinators, short-sightedness, and excessive criticism stress you out, take time to choose the perfect team of workers.

ENTJs are assertive and strategic. Disorganization and others ignoring established guidelines stresses you out, so invest in an organized, professional team.

If you’re looking for tips on themes, how to stand out from the competition, and more, contact us today to refresh your Orlando event planning strategy.

Team Building Has Never Tasted So Good

It’s clear that team building is one of the most positive and productive events you can plan for your organization. But what kind of event should you design? There is no better way to bring people together than the one thing that we all need and enjoy every day: food. To create a unique event, let the Orlando team building foodies at Fun Planners help you plan a delicious event that will bring your team and their taste buds together. Here are some interactive ideas for cooking classes that your team can participate in:

  • Sushi Rolling

Sushi rolling is a traditional culinary art that not many know how to do, which calls for a learning experience regardless if someone dislikes sushi. Your team will collaborate in stations, with each individual station dedicated to a different piece in the sushi making process. The teamwork involved will inspire your employees to create a masterpiece!

  • Pasta Designing

Who doesn’t love the idea of cooking a hearty Italian pasta dish? Making pasta may seem like a simple task, but a cooking class will also teach your team how to make decadent sauce and desserts to pair with it. Your group can also enjoy wine tastings while they cook, a great way for them to bond and relax.

  • Carnivorous Classes

For meat lovers, there are also classes dedicated to a more smokehouse style. There are charcuterie board classes for a simple taste, or there are even hands-on classes dedicated to making sausage and other meats beginning in the processing room. Enjoy the instructions on how to create original barbecue sauce to pair with the protein.

  • Anything and Everything

If you simply just can’t choose which food group your team might enjoy making and tasting the most, try out a generalized cooking class where each class makes something different every time it’s held. It’s usually designed as a surprise, where guests won’t know what’s on the menu until they’re already at the venue in their aprons. Typically, these types of classes involve an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert, so there is room for everyone to find something they can enjoy.

  • Competitive Cooking

For a team building event that incites a little friendly competition among your employees, pick a cooking class that chooses teams and pairs them against each other. The judgment comes from the instructor on which dish prepared tastes the best. These types of classes will encourage motivation and teamwork among the members and can be a great way for them to establish communication skills since these classes have a time limit.

Allow your team to get a hands-on experience that will benefit them by allowing them to eat their creations, increase their culinary skills, and leave with a sense of camaraderie with the rest of their colleagues. Let the experts in Orlando team building at Fun Planners help you plan a unique cooking experience you and your team won’t forget!

Why Team Building is Vital for Your Organization

A team can’t work at its full potential without cohesiveness, respect, and an overall understanding and closeness between each member. Fun Planners understands this and wants to help your team become stronger and closer for the benefit of your organization. Team building is a vital way to bring your employees together. The experts in Orlando team building at Fun Planners know that it isn’t just about keeping clients happy, but it’s also about creating a positive environment for employees, too. Here are some reasons why team building is an integral part of any organization:

  • Improves Communication

Open lines of communication are essential among employees in order to be successful. Team building can promote better communication practices for everyone and can improve the relationships between employees and management.

  • Encourages Motivation

Team building will allow your employees to gain confidence, and this will make them more motivated to take on challenges. The more confident your employees are to speak their voices and ideas, the more motivated they will become in the workplace.

  • Allows Creativity to Flow

Activities that require team building outside of the office can prove to be wonderful creative outlets. Different settings and exposure to new ideas can be beneficial to employees who are stuck in that typical, monotonous work routine. Creative thoughts and fresh perspectives are always assets to bring back into the office.

  • No More Walls

Team building will inevitably destroy any barriers put up between your employees and construct a sense of camaraderie between them. This can make the workplace an overall more friendly, positive environment and will increase trust among everyone. It will eliminate any disconnect between management and employees. Team building exercises will allow everyone (including management leadership) to be on the same level, and this can boost morale.

Overall, team building is an excellent way to better communication, motivate employees, inspire creativity, and bring everyone closer together. These things are a must in any successful organization. The better everyone performs as a team rather than divided, the better the organization will thrive. The enthusiasts at Orlando team building are ready to help you set up exciting and beneficial team building programs today!

Help Your Team Start Spring On the Right Foot!

Spring has sprung, and with it come endless opportunities for livening up your team with fun events and experiences. Unique experiences can help enhance your team’s chemistry and happiness. Leaders in Orlando team building, Fun Planners, share some ideas and themes to consider when planning team activities.

Create a Carnival

Everyone loves a fun-filled day full of rides, games, and delicious food!. Fun Planners offers several different activity booths for a festive experience, including a dunk tank, a giant rock wall,  cotton candy machines and more. Allow your team to relive childhood happiness with a day they won’t forget at the carnival! Your team members can use this as a chance to get to know each other while sharing quality time doing something everyone enjoys.

Give Your Team a (Spring) Break

When March and April roll around, it’s likely your team might get a case of nostalgia for spring break. Accommodate these feelings and plan a week where they can bring beach chairs, towels, wear casual clothes, and let them lounge around in flip flops. Hold meetings in chaise lounge chairs, and wear sunglasses inside. Have a concession cart that provides frozen drinks for the week. On the weekend, make a plan to hit a nearby lake or beach with your team to relive their college years, while bonding with their fellow team members.

Host a Dance Party

Whether good or bad dancers, your team will embrace the opportunity to let loose and dance it out together for a fun experience. You can make the dance party have an old fashioned theme and have all the team members dress for that appropriate era. Let Fun Planners provide a photo booth to capture the silliness, and use our advanced projector lighting system to brighten up the dance floor.

These are just some of the many ways you can bring your team together this spring and encourage positivity and teamwork. A cooperative, harmonious team could be the difference between a successful or mundane work environment. Orlando team building experts at Fun Planners understand that team morale is extremely important, and we want to help you cater your event so that your team is content!

Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Most can agree that there is value in Orlando team building, as it allows organizations to be more productive, effective, and successful. However, when employees hear that their participation in an upcoming team building event is required, there are sure to be more eye rolling than high fives and cheers. So, what is an organization to do? Here are some great ideas for team building that your employees will love.

  • Office Trivia: For this activity, you will need to come up with 20-25 questions to ask your employees, all pertaining to your company. Think of more general questions, such as “What year was the company founded?” to “What is the exact number of people in the Human Resources department?” But, add some strange and out-of-the box questions, such as “What is the most popular month for employee birthdays” or “What is the most ordered item, per month, for office supplies?” You can have this be an individual activity or create teams.
  • Escape Rooms: By now, we are sure you have heard of those escape rooms that are increasing in popularity across the country. If you have been living under a rock lately, these rooms are an adventure game that challenges those locked in the room to use provided hints to escape the room in a given amount of time. Have your employees form teams, and the one that gets out in the shortest amount of time, wins.
  • Marshmallow Tower: For this activity, you will need about 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, one roll of masking tape, three feet of twine, and one marshmallow. Have your employees form groups and whoever can construct the tallest tower wins. But here is the catch: the marshmallow has to be on the very top, AND the tower must stand on its own.

By using one of the above ideas for your Orlando team building exercise, you can help change the perception that these types of company-strengthening activities are anything but boring! For even more ideas on how to have a successful team building event, please browse the Fun Planner blog. And if you need help with your team building exercise, contact Fun Planners at 407-955-4949, or reach out to us online.

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is defined as an overall feeling of satisfaction an employee feels about his or her job, and if an organization has high employee morale, it has a direct and positive effect on productivity. However, things happen that can affect employee morale, some in and out of your control. Whatever the reason, it is sometimes necessary for organizations to boost employee morale and Fun Planners, experts in Orlando team building, has some ways in which you can boost your organization’s employee morale.

  • Plan Fun Activities in the Office: Working 9-5, Monday through Friday, at the same desk, day in and day out can be monotonous. Why not tell everyone to grab their laptops and plan on working at a park on a beautiful day? Or, space permitting, have them come to your house to brainstorm on new clients and have pizza delivered for lunch? Shake up their boring work week every once in a while.
  • Celebrate Employee Personal Milestones: Your employees do have lives outside of the office, so why not help them celebrate those special moments? If someone is hitting the big 4-0, get a cake, and have everyone sing Happy Birthday. If someone just had a baby, then have everyone chip in, if they would like to, to help buy the new baby something. Be cognizant of things you can help your employee celebrate those special moments.
  • Listen to Them: As humans, we can always improve, and as a boss, you can improve as well. Let your employees know that you value their input and that the floor is always open. Who knows…they may even point out something to improve that positively affects your bottom line.

One of the most important aspects of a strong and thriving business is its employee strength. Without it, your organization is doomed to fail. So, be cognizant of your employee morale and to boost it when you see it faltering. For even more tips, please browse the Fun Planners’ blog, and for information on our Orlando team building opportunities, please call 407-880-3521, or contact us online.

Start Planning Your Summer Team Building Event Now

When the employees of your organization connect with their fellow colleagues, it not only creates a cohesiveness to the team but also helps to strengthen your company as a whole. With that being said, the summertime is the perfect time to have an Orlando team building exercise, and now is when you need to start planning. So, here we go!

Know Who Your Employees Are

Is your office comprised of mostly male or female employees? Do you know what they like to do outside of the office, and if so, is there a common thread? Would employees prefer a weekend-long retreat, or do you think they are the more “have fun on a Saturday” type of people? By asking yourself who your employees are and what they like to do, you can get a better idea of what type of Orlando team building exercise to host.

Now it is Time to Decide

It is important to keep in mind that you want to have something fun for them to do, not just have a team building activity just to have it. You need to create an event in which everyone is actively involved AND having fun, so here are some great idea that can do just that this summer:

  • Volunteer: If there is a particular charity your company supports, then why not have your team give them a hand? By everyone serving at a soup kitchen or some other needs-based organization, a sense of camaraderie is built, and giving back is good for the soul.
  • A Picnic or Barbecue: You need to think out of the box here, and not just have the usual hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Why not have your event catered so that your employees can relax and have fun and not slave over the food preparations? Offer some fun activities such as a water balloon toss, tug-a-war, or a water gun fight.
  • Water Play: We are lucky to live in Florida because of all the water we get to play on. Why not have your employees kayak or canoe together? Or just head to New Smyrna Beach for a picnic lunch and sand volleyball during the day, and a firepit with marshmallows when the sun goes down.

For help with your Orlando team building needs, please contact Fun Planners today. You can call 407-880-3521, or contact us online.

DIY Team Building Exercises for the Office

When you’re doing a new exercise in the office for team building, sometimes people find it boring and monotonous. You want to find a team building activity that you can conduct in your office environment that actually works and gets your team excited. Doing the same old going around the room and saying your name and interesting fact is overused and will have your team rolling their eyes and disengaged from the exercise. Since Fun Planners helps coordinate several team building activities, we’re kind of an authority on the subject. Here are some DIY Florida team building exercises to break the ice for your office.

Pin It.

Whenever someone walks into the office for the first time that day, they take a pin out of a basket that’s been placed by the door. Each pin has something interesting on it like an icebreaker or conversation starter, and when team members encounter each other organically, they have a conversation starter with each person’s pin.


If you have a large whiteboard in your office in a communal area, you can have a chosen team member write a statement on the whiteboard that other team members can either agree or disagree with. Make two columns, one for agree and one for disagree, where you can have people sign their initials to the side that they would like to take. This is a more passive team building activity, where team members can come and participate on their own time, as to not interrupt the efficiency.

Office Bingo.

Organize a potluck lunch for everyone, where each person can choose what they’d like to bring. Then, conduct a bingo game during the lunch to keep everyone in the same room, engaged, and having fun. It’s the perfect way to break up the work week. Make sure you have bingo cards. You can even put a unique spin on the game by making the game about identifying unknown facts about each team member to reward those who know their coworkers best.

Coffee Pot.

Coffee pot can be done at a meeting or during a lunch break. It’s a highly-engaging game that resembles 20 Questions. You have the group generate a noun for a single player to guess, and as they guess the 20 yes or no questions, they replace the noun with the term coffee pot like “is the coffee pot an animal?”

There are several DIY team building icebreakers that you can do with your team. If your team is interested in some more high-level team building activities, contact Fun Planners today for a quote to coordinate and set up a Florida team building event for your organization.


4 Cooperative Learning Techniques for Team Building

While results and work performance are two very important aspects of management and the leadership of a brand or corporation, how employees interact with each other toward a common goal is not typically a focus within an organization. It’s a shame, really, because team members working together toward an objective can help boost morale, productivity, and profit margins. A particular way of approaching this methodology at this time is through something called cooperative learning, which is an educational approach that provides a social structure for learning experiences. Fun Planners, Orlando team building experts, are going to explore four ways cooperative learning techniques can be used in team building activities.

Boosts Collaboration & Team Success

If you’re taking on a complex, multi-tier project, you will want to establish caring, supportive peer relationships that strengthen the bonds among team members as well as enhancing the commitment to a shared goal. Cooperative learning strives to keep each team member in the loop throughout the course of a project.

Creates Positive Interdependence

Within cooperating learning activities and team building activities, every single person must participate and show that they’re putting forth the effort. You’ll want to ensure that everyone has personal responsibility in the project at hand. The way you create this positive interdependence is by creating roles and ensuring that each member understands their role and their responsibilities.

Improves Social Skills

In order for a project to be successful in a professional environment, your group members must possess effective communication, and interpersonal and group skills. You can generate a cooperative learning experience and team building activity to enhance these particular skills through trust-building exercises and conflict-management resolution.

Establishes Group Processing

Decision making is often the crux of several issues within a group, as there is not a defined leader to make decisions, and the rest of the group members feel a lack of confidence when it comes to making decisions. Group processing helps your team make decisions as a team. Team members should feel a personal ownership over their particular responsibility in order to reduce bias.

All in all, Fun Planners has seen team building exercises that have successfully utilized cooperating learning activities to generate a stronger, smarter, and more efficient team. If you’re interested in Orlando team building activities through Fun Planners for your organization, contact us today for a quote.