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1. How would you rate the office staff’s assistance during the preliminary stages of your event?

ExcellentVery goodAverageFairPoor

Question 2

How would you rate the event staff on the day of your event?

ExcellentVery goodAverageFairPoor

Question 3

During the event, how efficiently were your concerns, if any, resolved?

Very efficientlySomewhat efficientlyNot very efficientlyNo concerns

Question 4

How would you rate our efforts in making your event a success?

ExcellentVery goodAverageFairPoor

Question 5

Overall, how satisfied were you with the outcome of your event?

extremely satisfiedsatisfiedsomewhat satisfied

Question 6

Are you planning on doing this event next year?

yesunsurenot likely

Question 7

Would you recommend us to other clients seeking our services?

definetlymost likelynot likely

Question 8

How did you hear about our services?

internet searchyellow pagesonline yellow pagesmeeting planners guideword of mouthrepeat customer

Question 9

We are always open to comments or suggestions that could help our future events; please contribute any thoughts in text box provided. If you have time we always appreciate a Letter of Recommendation!

Thank you for your time!
  -The Fun Planners Staff