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6 Advantages of Hosting Your Company Party or Team-Building Activity at the Office

Are you searching for the perfect venue for your upcoming company party or team-building activity? Believe it or not, the ideal venue may be right under your nose. Hosting a Florida corporate event in your own office space may prove to be very beneficial. Here are just some of the benefits of hosting events in-house.

  • It’s Convenient

If you are hosting a team-building activity during the day or a company event after hours, hosting it in the office is super convenient. There is no need for employees to spend their time traveling to another venue, and it makes setup and cleanup easier.

  • It’s Budget Friendly

Sometimes, a venue rental can be expensive. By opting to host an event in your own office, the money saved can be spent in a different way. For example, maybe that $1,000 venue rental you didn’t purchase could be put towards a few different entertainment options for a company party that employees will truly enjoy.

  • It Increased Attendance

When the venue is super convenient, more employees are likely to attend. More attendance increases the number of people employees can meet, network with, and form friendships with.

  • It Creates Positive Memories

If your company hosts a successful team-building or corporate event in your own office space, positive memories are made, and then attached, to that space. When employees come to work on Monday, they might think of the fun they had with their coworkers.

  • It Provides Flexibility

Hosting a corporate event in-house allows for greater flexibility in setup time and cleanup time. Also, some venues come with in-house catering requirements, so hosting in your own office space avoids this issue.

  • It Welcomes New People In

If hosting a corporate party that includes family, hosting at the office invites family into their loved one’s professional life, which is a unique experience. It can also be an excellent opportunity to showcase a unique space or improvements made to the office.

Overall, there are a number of benefits presented by hosting a team-building or corporate event within your own office space. Fun Planners, Florida corporate event planning experts, have many ways to spice up your office space and transform it into something unique. Contact us today to learn more!

Company Parties Are for More Than Just Morale

The best company parties tend to elicit nostalgia and excitement throughout an organization. A company event can help show hard-working employees that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed and that they are appreciated. Company parties boost morale, but, the truth it, they accomplish much more than that. Fun Planners, an expert Florida corporate event planning company, has compiled a list of all the benefits that company parties provide.

Develop Culture

Especially for newer organizations, a company party can help shape the culture. This is one reason that event planning is so important. Planning an exciting and fun party helps create a more edgy culture, whereas hosting a relaxed family company picnic may establish a more conservative culture. These events where personal interaction and bonding occurs sets the stage for growth of culture in the coming year, so they are very important.

Integrate Departments

If an organization is on the larger side, company parties may be an excellent opportunity for different departments to integrate together and get to know each other. For example, when Ben from marketing meets Lauren from accounting, they create a personal bond, and in the future, Ben might work a little harder to make his expense report more organized for Lauren.

Common Operating Picture

Company parties are a great time to announce good news or future plans. Getting the entire company together allows everyone to be equally and similarly informed. Moving forward from the event, every employee has the same operating picture.

A Personal Connection

Company parties help employees at all levels of the organization connect personally. Closer relationships makes coming to work more fulfilling, and enhanced relationships also enhancing teamwork and communication.

The benefits of company events extend even beyond those listed above. Company parties provide a variety of opportunities to employees, and it takes expertise to plan a party that facilitates relationship building and the growth of culture. To plan the best company party this year, contact the Florida corporate event experts at Fun Planners. We’ll help you recognize your company event goals, and we will plan an event that employees will look forward to attending for years to come.

4 Reasons to Host Your Next Event with Fun Planners

The summer event planning season is upon us! From corporate parties to fundraisers and personal celebrations, there are a huge number of events that are hosted in the summer. If you are planning a summer event, it might be time to consider an Orlando event management company like Fun Planners. For over 15 years, events hosts across Central Florida have been partnering with us to plan memorable and smooth-running events. Here’s why you should host your next event with us.

  • Peace of Mind

Planning the perfect party can be a lot of fun, but it can also prove to be stressful or time consuming for some hosts. By working with Fun Planners, hosts have the strength of a seasoned team behind them to plan and execute an event that exceeds expectations while also adhering to the budget. Fun Planners can plan a great party, provide all the materials needed day of, and execute the event through to the end. Customers who partner with Fun Planners host exceptional events without any of the hassles.

  • Endless Entertainment Options

If you have a vision, we can help it come to life with our countless entertainment options. We can provide items like arcade rentals, carnival rides, casino games, concessions, a full setup for live entertainment, photo booths, inflatables, and so much more. Even further, we can provide entertainers like live bands, character artists, DJs, magicians, tarot card readers, and more. Our entertainment options span as wide as your imagination.

  • Coordinated Services

We’ve all been there before. It’s the day of the event, and you’ve got to call the caterer to see where they are, the bakery to make sure the cake delivery is on track, the venue to ensure the decorations are all set, and the photo booth company to confirm their arrival schedule. With Fun Planners, you’re able to coordinate all those services through one avenue: us. We provide the entire span of event planning services including catering, entertainment rentals, entertainers, audio and visual equipment, decor, photography and videography, and so much more. Check all aspects of the event off your list in one fell swoop.

  • A Pulse on Event Planning

With over 15 years of experience planning successful events, we’ve got a clear idea of what will work for your event. We also are in touch with current event planning trends, and we can tell you if all your friends are going to be considering the same theme. With the support of Fun Planners, you party can leave a lasting positive impression.

With Fun Planners, you are party planning with the best. For more information about partnering with Fun Planners for Orlando event management, contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your event ideas.

4 Relaxed Summer Fundraiser Ideas

If you’ve frequented fundraisers a few times, you’ve probably experienced a similar situation: the fundraiser is a little stuffy, a little uncomfortable, and at the end of the night, you feel that at least you’ve fulfilled your annual charitable obligation. If you’re planning a fundraising event, guests don’t have to feel this way. With the help of the Orlando event planning experts at Fun Planners, you can embrace the festive vibe of summer and create a relaxed and fun fundraising event that attendees will look forward to for years to come. Here are some ideas that can help you achieve that.

  • Outdoor Movie Night

Open up the fundraiser to families with a relaxed, yet memorable outdoor movie night. Ask for a donation to attend, and screen classic summer movies like The Sandlot or National Lampoon’s Vacation. At the fundraiser, a number of items could be sold to raise even more money including movie snacks, raffle tickets, or movie-themed gift baskets. With our inflatable movie screen, outdoor movie night is a simple fundraiser to pull off, but it’s likely not a fundraiser your attendees have seen before.

  • Water Balloon Fight

Invite donors to engage their competitive spirit and reminisce on nostalgic memories of childhood. Host a water balloon fight, and even consider allowing donors to register as teams. Each team or individual could donate to gain entry into the competition. After the competition concludes, invite donors to stay for awhile and enjoy outdoor games and inflatables. This isn’t your average fundraising event, but it will be a fun one.

  • Wine Tasting

Wine tastings can be very enjoyable fundraisers for donors. If you decide to host a wine tasting, it could even be themed as a “girls night out,” allowing women to enjoy each other’s company while also giving back to a cause they presumably care about. At Fun Planners, we’ve got the wine and hors d’oeuvres covered so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a successful fundraiser.

  • Outdoor Concert

There may not be any other event that is so quintessentially summer. Booking the acts for the concert can require a little more effort, but, oftentimes, if there are good performers scheduled, people will pay good money to attend a quality concert. Our audio and visual equipment can help take their performance to the next level.

This summer, if you are planning a fundraising event, consider hosting something that is a little out of the box. A relaxed and maybe even nostalgic summer night will be appreciated, and donors will look forward to the event every year. To work with the best in Orlando event planning, contact us for a quote.

Tips to Host a Great Casino Night Fundraiser

Everyone loves a night filled with exciting games and entertainment, especially if they’re playing for a good cause. If you’re planning a casino themed fundraiser, there are some things you should know in order to make this unique event a success. The experts in Orlando event planning at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you plan a casino night that benefits everyone! Here are some helpful tips to get you started in the planning process:

Be Authentic.


Don’t just set up some boring tables and buy a flimsy deck of cards. Rent out real equipment to enhance the experience, and provide the actual games featured in casinos. Fun Planners has an entire setup dedicated for casino themed events, and we have rentable items including mahogany wood tables, roulette wheels, dice, cards, and more! We also offer a variety of games including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, and Roulette. Our services also include certified dealers and croupiers to provide guests with a learning experience as well as an entertaining one.

Raising Funding

Your guests will undoubtedly love the theme, and it’s all benefitting the community. There are ways to raise money throughout the event, such as charging for tickets to attend or having guests buy in to obtain gaming chips. Don’t have guests trade in their chips for money after all is said and done, but, instead, have another prize or reward for the big winner for helping support a worthy cause.

Pick a Theme

Casinos usually have specific themes, so make sure you carve out space in your budget dedicated to decorations and catering. This will add to the authenticity factor of an iconic Las Vegas casino, and the extra effort will certainly be impressive to attendees. Caesar’s Palace is a great casino to grab ideas from when thinking about how to set up unique decor.

Make your casino night fundraiser a success by following these simple tips presented by the professionals in Orlando event management at Fun Planners. We have everything you need to pull off a true, Las Vegas standard event that everyone will enjoy.

3 Tips to Ensure High Event Attendance

If you’re planning an event, probably one of the most pressing concerns on your mind is how many people will actually show up. Even though you know you want to host an unforgettable event,  there’s still that looming fear that none of the recipients will actually come. You want your event to be a success, and for lots of guests to have a good time while attending. The professionals in Orlando event management at Fun Planners want to share some helpful tips to make sure your event has a high attendance rate.

Create a Schedule

Having a well organized, clear agenda for the event is appealing to potential attendees. The schedule should not be overwhelming and jam packed with events, but should contain enough variety to keep everyone occupied and engaged. If the event is corporate and there are several meetings or seminars involved, carve out time in the schedule for breaks and meals. This will be more enticing to guests, and having a well put together schedule is important to avoid chaos or confusion on the actual day of the event.

Location is Key

Booking a convenient, unique location is a major factor when thinking about how many guests will want to attend your event. The venue can add crucial aesthetic and a vibrant environment, and a great location can be the determining factor between a guest attending or not. Try to stay away from the typical hotel model for holding events, and select somewhere you think guests will truly want to go. Keep in mind that you will need to consider locations that are in relatively close proximity to everyone, because guests won’t want to travel off the beaten path just to attend one event. When searching for a venue, ensure that the place is experienced in hosting such events. You’ll want to pick a place where you’re sure all attendees with enjoy themselves.

Power of Personal Invitations

An electronic or printed invitation is sufficient, but never underestimate the impact of personally inviting your guests to the event. A personally extended invite shows a deeper level of care and will make the recipient feel special and valued. This is a wonderful way to ensure high attendance rates because extending a personal invitation shows the guest you truly would enjoy having them at the event. It can mean the difference between lots of RSVP’s or scarcity at the venue with an unfavorable turnout.

By following these tips from the Orlando event management specialists at Fun Planners, you will be well on your way to securing high attendance rates at your next event.

Spice up Your Corporate Gift Bags

You’ve just planned and hosted a fun, entertaining corporate event and now everyone is getting ready to go home. There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression and show guests how much they’re appreciated than by sending them out with a gift bag. Don’t settle for a drab, meaningless gift that just simply gets the job done. The enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few creative ideas to consider when putting together gift bags for your company event.

Keep it Small


Your guests won’t be impressed if they have to carry out a large, clunky gift. They’ll think you’re trying too hard and that it’s over the top, so keep the gift bag on the smaller side. A good tip to keep in mind is to keep it travel sized in case any of your guests want to take it on a flight where there are size restrictions. An oversized souvenir is not the way to go.

Keep it Sweet

Another reliable way to make everyone happy is to incorporate sweet treats into the gift bag, such as a yummy dessert item or candy. Donuts or pastries are an option, although these don’t stay fresh for long amounts of time. Fill the bag with interesting candy such as gourmet chocolates or fudge. Ending your event on a tasty note is a great way to make everyone smile.

Keep it Unique

Try not to stick to the typical, cliche corporate gifts that most companies resort to. Although you think they may be useful, most little office trinkets are easily lost after a short time. Items like mini staplers, notepads, post-its, and writing utensils are appreciated but not valued or kept for long. Consider gift items that will enhance your team’s life outside of the office such as kitchen utensils or drink containers. Thinking about their personal interests beyond their nine to five lifestyle will make them feel closer to you and the organization.

Gift bags are a necessary ending to any corporate event, and spicing them up is a wonderful way to show your staff that you put genuine thought into making sure they had a great time. Use some of these ideas and tips from the enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners to make creative, useful gift bags that everyone will love.

3 Fun Corporate Picnic Themes

Spring and summer are the perfect times to plan a corporate event that gets your employees out of the office and into the fresh air. A corporate picnic is a wonderful way to provide an afternoon full of food and fun for your organization. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to socialize outdoors while eating delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather. The professionals in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary picnic into a unique, entertaining event that your company will appreciate.

Internationally Inspired

You don’t have to host a typical picnic with sandwiches and potato chips. Try incorporating a theme with food from other cultures, and use decorations to add zesty aesthetic to the outing. Have the picnic consist of a combination of items from all around the world such as yummy tacos, Italian scones, German bratwursts, Greek salad, and fruity Japanese sodas. With this theme, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sporty Shenanigans

Center the picnic around a certain sport, and everyone will enjoy the idea of getting to eat the food found at sporting events. Whether it’s a baseball, basketball, golf, or soccer game, your staff will love getting out and enjoying a crowd favorite. In addition to hot dogs, hamburgers, soft pretzels, and nachos, make the picnic even more entertaining by encouraging everyone to participate in a friendly game together in accordance with the theme. Offer prizes to the team or player who shows the most enthusiasm or teamwork.

Block Party

If these options don’t appeal to you, hosting a picnic that everyone’s used to is also a great route to take when planning a corporate outing. A block party can have the traditional BBQ food including grilled chicken, burgers, watermelon, lemonade, and mac & cheese. Incorporate fun games like a dunk tank, rock wall climbing, or an inflatable obstacle course.

The experts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have everything you need to pull off an unforgettable company picnic. Once you have an idea in mind and want to bring a vision to life, we can help with any service you require. Leave the mouthwatering catering, endless supply of games and activities, and overall genuine entertainment to us.

3 Summer Corporate Event Ideas

Summer is right around the corner, and with it come exciting new corporate event ideas to keep employees fresh and motivated! Summer is an ideal time to plan fun activities that can range from outdoor excursions to nighttime entertainment. The enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners are here to share some ideas to consider when planning a corporate event this summer.


  • Off to the Races


Nothing beats a fun-filled day at a Thoroughbred racetrack. Plan a day that includes delicious food/drinks, snazzy outfits, and excitement. To get marquee tents or executive box seating in special areas, check with the venue to see if there are group entertainment packages available. A day at the racetrack is a great way to build relationships among employees and with other prospective clients.


  • Take Them out to the Ball Game


Employees will love spending a day attending and watching a baseball game. Make the game unique and look into corporate entertainment options. These can include acquiring special areas designated for corporate events such as suites, bleacher parties, field and upper deck party areas, and picnic parties. Employees will enjoy the time spent getting to relax, socialize, and take part in America’s favorite pastime.


  • Sail Away


If you happen to be near a body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean, take your employees out for a sailing excursion on a beautiful day. Sailboats are rentable, and it could be a learning experience as well as an opportunity for unbeatable views and a good time on the water. Usually, a captain will accompany groups and teach them the basics, especially those that are not experts in sailing. If your employees would rather not have to captain the boat themselves, there are also opportunities to rent yachts or other types of boats per hour. Incorporate food and wine tasting on the boat to add liveliness and aesthetic to the event.

These are just a few of the corporate event ideas you can take advantage of as the warm weather arrives. The Florida corporate event pros at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you design any type of corporate event this summer.

3 Fundraising Benefits You Haven’t Thought About

Everyone can understand the importance and necessity of fundraising, and the benefits that come from it may seem obvious. Fundraising is a wonderful way to raise money for a variety of different things including programs, services, and organizations. Fundraising events can range from increasing funds for items that are needed for a volunteer organization or to spending an entire day cooking fresh food for those in need. There are some benefits that we may not realize when it comes to fundraising, other than the obvious feeling of doing good for your community. The experts in Orlando event management at Fun Planners want to share some of the benefits of fundraising that may not seem as apparent.

  • Empowering Those You are Helping

Fundraising is unique in the fact that it isn’t just charity. Rather than dropping off an item and donating it, fundraising events often involve the beneficiaries, which makes them feel included and like they are actually earning the funds. These events are beneficial because they provide whatever an organization or program needs, while also allowing the recipients feel as if they helped to acquire what they need.

  • Learning Selflessness

Fundraising can be a wonderful way to teach young children how to help others. It encourages children to become aware that they’re part of a community, and it promotes responsibility. When children are raising funds or helping out those who may be less fortunate than them, it allows them to appreciate all of the things they do have in their lives. Fundraising can help them grasp the importance of helping others.

  • Long-Lasting Impacts

Raising funds can be extremely beneficial to those who are experiencing budget cuts or loss of vital programs, such as children in schools that just can’t afford the extra extracurriculars. For example, cutting out field trips, sports, art programs, and other common school activities can hurt a child’s education and growth. Raising funds to keep these things alive in the school systems can have an enormous impact on a child’s education and future.
Overall, fundraising provides several benefits for both you and those in need. The next time you may be considering hosting a fundraising event, contemplate the less obvious reasons why it would be important to provide help to those who need it. Let the experts in Orlando event management at Fun Planners guide you in creating a fundraising event that will surely be worthwhile.