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Spice up Your Corporate Gift Bags

You’ve just planned and hosted a fun, entertaining corporate event and now everyone is getting ready to go home. There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression and show guests how much they’re appreciated than by sending them out with a gift bag. Don’t settle for a drab, meaningless gift that just simply gets the job done. The enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few creative ideas to consider when putting together gift bags for your company event.

Keep it Small


Your guests won’t be impressed if they have to carry out a large, clunky gift. They’ll think you’re trying too hard and that it’s over the top, so keep the gift bag on the smaller side. A good tip to keep in mind is to keep it travel sized in case any of your guests want to take it on a flight where there are size restrictions. An oversized souvenir is not the way to go.

Keep it Sweet

Another reliable way to make everyone happy is to incorporate sweet treats into the gift bag, such as a yummy dessert item or candy. Donuts or pastries are an option, although these don’t stay fresh for long amounts of time. Fill the bag with interesting candy such as gourmet chocolates or fudge. Ending your event on a tasty note is a great way to make everyone smile.

Keep it Unique

Try not to stick to the typical, cliche corporate gifts that most companies resort to. Although you think they may be useful, most little office trinkets are easily lost after a short time. Items like mini staplers, notepads, post-its, and writing utensils are appreciated but not valued or kept for long. Consider gift items that will enhance your team’s life outside of the office such as kitchen utensils or drink containers. Thinking about their personal interests beyond their nine to five lifestyle will make them feel closer to you and the organization.

Gift bags are a necessary ending to any corporate event, and spicing them up is a wonderful way to show your staff that you put genuine thought into making sure they had a great time. Use some of these ideas and tips from the enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners to make creative, useful gift bags that everyone will love.

3 Fun Corporate Picnic Themes

Spring and summer are the perfect times to plan a corporate event that gets your employees out of the office and into the fresh air. A corporate picnic is a wonderful way to provide an afternoon full of food and fun for your organization. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to socialize outdoors while eating delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather. The professionals in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have a few ideas on how to transform an ordinary picnic into a unique, entertaining event that your company will appreciate.

Internationally Inspired

You don’t have to host a typical picnic with sandwiches and potato chips. Try incorporating a theme with food from other cultures, and use decorations to add zesty aesthetic to the outing. Have the picnic consist of a combination of items from all around the world such as yummy tacos, Italian scones, German bratwursts, Greek salad, and fruity Japanese sodas. With this theme, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sporty Shenanigans

Center the picnic around a certain sport, and everyone will enjoy the idea of getting to eat the food found at sporting events. Whether it’s a baseball, basketball, golf, or soccer game, your staff will love getting out and enjoying a crowd favorite. In addition to hot dogs, hamburgers, soft pretzels, and nachos, make the picnic even more entertaining by encouraging everyone to participate in a friendly game together in accordance with the theme. Offer prizes to the team or player who shows the most enthusiasm or teamwork.

Block Party

If these options don’t appeal to you, hosting a picnic that everyone’s used to is also a great route to take when planning a corporate outing. A block party can have the traditional BBQ food including grilled chicken, burgers, watermelon, lemonade, and mac & cheese. Incorporate fun games like a dunk tank, rock wall climbing, or an inflatable obstacle course.

The experts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners have everything you need to pull off an unforgettable company picnic. Once you have an idea in mind and want to bring a vision to life, we can help with any service you require. Leave the mouthwatering catering, endless supply of games and activities, and overall genuine entertainment to us.

3 Summer Corporate Event Ideas

Summer is right around the corner, and with it come exciting new corporate event ideas to keep employees fresh and motivated! Summer is an ideal time to plan fun activities that can range from outdoor excursions to nighttime entertainment. The enthusiasts in Florida corporate events at Fun Planners are here to share some ideas to consider when planning a corporate event this summer.


  • Off to the Races


Nothing beats a fun-filled day at a Thoroughbred racetrack. Plan a day that includes delicious food/drinks, snazzy outfits, and excitement. To get marquee tents or executive box seating in special areas, check with the venue to see if there are group entertainment packages available. A day at the racetrack is a great way to build relationships among employees and with other prospective clients.


  • Take Them out to the Ball Game


Employees will love spending a day attending and watching a baseball game. Make the game unique and look into corporate entertainment options. These can include acquiring special areas designated for corporate events such as suites, bleacher parties, field and upper deck party areas, and picnic parties. Employees will enjoy the time spent getting to relax, socialize, and take part in America’s favorite pastime.


  • Sail Away


If you happen to be near a body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean, take your employees out for a sailing excursion on a beautiful day. Sailboats are rentable, and it could be a learning experience as well as an opportunity for unbeatable views and a good time on the water. Usually, a captain will accompany groups and teach them the basics, especially those that are not experts in sailing. If your employees would rather not have to captain the boat themselves, there are also opportunities to rent yachts or other types of boats per hour. Incorporate food and wine tasting on the boat to add liveliness and aesthetic to the event.

These are just a few of the corporate event ideas you can take advantage of as the warm weather arrives. The Florida corporate event pros at Fun Planners are dedicated to helping you design any type of corporate event this summer.

3 Fundraising Benefits You Haven’t Thought About

Everyone can understand the importance and necessity of fundraising, and the benefits that come from it may seem obvious. Fundraising is a wonderful way to raise money for a variety of different things including programs, services, and organizations. Fundraising events can range from increasing funds for items that are needed for a volunteer organization or to spending an entire day cooking fresh food for those in need. There are some benefits that we may not realize when it comes to fundraising, other than the obvious feeling of doing good for your community. The experts in Orlando event management at Fun Planners want to share some of the benefits of fundraising that may not seem as apparent.

  • Empowering Those You are Helping

Fundraising is unique in the fact that it isn’t just charity. Rather than dropping off an item and donating it, fundraising events often involve the beneficiaries, which makes them feel included and like they are actually earning the funds. These events are beneficial because they provide whatever an organization or program needs, while also allowing the recipients feel as if they helped to acquire what they need.

  • Learning Selflessness

Fundraising can be a wonderful way to teach young children how to help others. It encourages children to become aware that they’re part of a community, and it promotes responsibility. When children are raising funds or helping out those who may be less fortunate than them, it allows them to appreciate all of the things they do have in their lives. Fundraising can help them grasp the importance of helping others.

  • Long-Lasting Impacts

Raising funds can be extremely beneficial to those who are experiencing budget cuts or loss of vital programs, such as children in schools that just can’t afford the extra extracurriculars. For example, cutting out field trips, sports, art programs, and other common school activities can hurt a child’s education and growth. Raising funds to keep these things alive in the school systems can have an enormous impact on a child’s education and future.
Overall, fundraising provides several benefits for both you and those in need. The next time you may be considering hosting a fundraising event, contemplate the less obvious reasons why it would be important to provide help to those who need it. Let the experts in Orlando event management at Fun Planners guide you in creating a fundraising event that will surely be worthwhile.

Simple Team Building Ideas for You & Your Organization

It’s no secret that team building can be beneficial for your organization’s productivity and success. Team building promotes cohesiveness, positive attitudes, and an overall pleasant work environment. There are many different activities that can serve as team building events, and they don’t have to be elaborate or pricey. Let the pros in Orlando team building at Fun Planners help you plan an effective, uncomplicated team building event. Here are a few ideas:

  • Obstacle Course

Teams will have to rely heavily on communication and teamwork to skillfully navigate an obstacle course. This is a fun, challenging way to bring everyone closer together. Promote friendly competition among your organization by providing an incentive for the winning team.

  • Life Highlights

This is more of a reflective team building activity, and it will encourage openness and trust among your team members. Each person closes their eyes and recalls the most memorable, happy moments in their lives. These moments can include events such as the birth of their child, their wedding day, an unforgettable vacation, or even getting that job promotion they had been working so hard for. Then, with their eyes still closed,  each person will narrow their answers down in response to this question: If you only had 30 seconds to left to live, which 30 seconds of your life would it be?  Allow each member to respond and reflect. This activity will allow for intimate conversations that will let each person’s personalities and passions shine.

  • Trust Circle

A trust circle is a classic way to increase the bond between your team, and it will likely cause lots of laughter too. Have the team members stand in a circle, and randomly call two names (preferably two colleagues who don’t know each other well) and have them stand in the center of the circle. Assign one member to fall and the other to catch. The person falling is blindfolded, and when the rest of the group tells him or her to fall, she must completely rely on the other person. Although it may be tricky for your team to relax at first, this activity promotes the feeling of safety as well as trust among everyone.

These simple ideas are a wonderful way to get you and your team together to create positive relationships while having fun at the same time. The Orlando team building enthusiasts at Fun Planners are here to help with your next event, whether it’s complex or simple!

A Fiesta for All: Planning a Cinco de Mayo Event

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect occasion to throw a Mexican-themed party that everyone will enjoy. Planning a Cinco de Mayo event is a unique and entertaining way to impress everyone with an event that’s festive and only celebrated once a year. The experts in Orlando event planning at Fun Planners want to help you pull off a memorable, fun fiesta this May! Here are some helpful DIY ideas to add ambiance and culture to your event:

  • Piñata

A piñata is a must for any Cinco de Mayo party, and it’ll be a fun activity for both adults and children. This can be a DIY project simply by taking a large cardboard box, colorful tissue paper, and toilet paper roll tubes. Make sure to fill it with all different kinds of candy!

  • Churros

Churros are a baked good that everyone will enjoy, and they’re easy to eat as well as festive. Bake them in the oven or fry them; there are several recipes for making them found online.

  • DIY Tablecloths

Traditional-style, Mexican-design tablecloths will add an amazingly vibrant aesthetic to your event. Place these or any other patterned, colorful table linens everywhere to add to the environment.

  • Invitations

First impressions are everything, so set the starting tone for your event with Mexican-themed invitations. Use bright colors for the invites or colors of the Mexican flag (red, white, and green).

  • Tequila

Nothing says a party quite like tequila! Tequila just so happens to be a Mexican drink, so use this day as an excuse to make fun, tequila-inspired beverages like margaritas or cocktails. Mexican beer is also an option to have for those who don’t have a taste for hard alcohol. Have a drink limit for those who attend and are planning to drive home.

  • Music

Download some traditional Mariachi music to play over speakers to add life to the party. You can find a playlist dedicated to Mexican-themed music on Pandora, and it will have a lengthy list of songs that will play throughout your fiesta. Have a designated space for people to dance, too!

Use a few or all of these ideas to ensure your Cinco de Mayo fiesta is a success! The enthusiasts in Orlando event planning are dedicated to providing you with tips to host an unforgettable event. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you pull off a fiesta!

Make Your Next Corporate Event a Breeze with These Tips

Planning a successful corporate event for your organization may seem like a daunting task. You may think that planning an event will take up time, resources, and a budget you just don’t have. However, the experts in Orlando event management at Fun Planners have some helpful tips that will ease your mind and make corporate event planning an easy process.

  • Don’t Wait to Start Planning

The earlier the better is the motto when it comes to planning a corporate event. This will allow you plenty of time to make sure everything is organized, well thought out, and that the dates will coordinate with everyone’s schedules. Always allow more time than you think you might need when it comes to planning. It’s always better to have excess time at the end of everything than to be rushing around last minute to get things finalized. Remember that venues, entertainment, and caterers can get booked far in advance, so think ahead if you want any of these at your event.

  • Stay Within a Budget

Budgeting is an important skill to remember when planning an event. Ensure you’re upfront with your budget to everyone involved, and try your hardest not to overspend. Stay organized with everything you purchase by keeping track of receipts and purchases. This way, you can keep track of everything you’re spending and not go outside of your budget.

  • Utilize the Event Planning Experts

The Orlando event management enthusiasts are here to help you with anything you may need to pull off your corporate event. We will help you stay within your budget while providing quality services to create a perfect event. We offer a variety of entertainment options such as casino events, arcade game rooms, inflatable carnival activities, and more. Or, if you simply need guidance, we can sit down with you and map out a plan for your dream corporate event.

Bring your corporate event vision to life without it being a stressful process. Follow these tips and contact the Orlando event management experts at Fun Planners today to get your corporate event plans started!

Team Building Has Never Tasted So Good

It’s clear that team building is one of the most positive and productive events you can plan for your organization. But what kind of event should you design? There is no better way to bring people together than the one thing that we all need and enjoy every day: food. To create a unique event, let the Orlando team building foodies at Fun Planners help you plan a delicious event that will bring your team and their taste buds together. Here are some interactive ideas for cooking classes that your team can participate in:

  • Sushi Rolling

Sushi rolling is a traditional culinary art that not many know how to do, which calls for a learning experience regardless if someone dislikes sushi. Your team will collaborate in stations, with each individual station dedicated to a different piece in the sushi making process. The teamwork involved will inspire your employees to create a masterpiece!

  • Pasta Designing

Who doesn’t love the idea of cooking a hearty Italian pasta dish? Making pasta may seem like a simple task, but a cooking class will also teach your team how to make decadent sauce and desserts to pair with it. Your group can also enjoy wine tastings while they cook, a great way for them to bond and relax.

  • Carnivorous Classes

For meat lovers, there are also classes dedicated to a more smokehouse style. There are charcuterie board classes for a simple taste, or there are even hands-on classes dedicated to making sausage and other meats beginning in the processing room. Enjoy the instructions on how to create original barbecue sauce to pair with the protein.

  • Anything and Everything

If you simply just can’t choose which food group your team might enjoy making and tasting the most, try out a generalized cooking class where each class makes something different every time it’s held. It’s usually designed as a surprise, where guests won’t know what’s on the menu until they’re already at the venue in their aprons. Typically, these types of classes involve an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert, so there is room for everyone to find something they can enjoy.

  • Competitive Cooking

For a team building event that incites a little friendly competition among your employees, pick a cooking class that chooses teams and pairs them against each other. The judgment comes from the instructor on which dish prepared tastes the best. These types of classes will encourage motivation and teamwork among the members and can be a great way for them to establish communication skills since these classes have a time limit.

Allow your team to get a hands-on experience that will benefit them by allowing them to eat their creations, increase their culinary skills, and leave with a sense of camaraderie with the rest of their colleagues. Let the experts in Orlando team building at Fun Planners help you plan a unique cooking experience you and your team won’t forget!

Why Team Building is Vital for Your Organization

A team can’t work at its full potential without cohesiveness, respect, and an overall understanding and closeness between each member. Fun Planners understands this and wants to help your team become stronger and closer for the benefit of your organization. Team building is a vital way to bring your employees together. The experts in Orlando team building at Fun Planners know that it isn’t just about keeping clients happy, but it’s also about creating a positive environment for employees, too. Here are some reasons why team building is an integral part of any organization:

  • Improves Communication

Open lines of communication are essential among employees in order to be successful. Team building can promote better communication practices for everyone and can improve the relationships between employees and management.

  • Encourages Motivation

Team building will allow your employees to gain confidence, and this will make them more motivated to take on challenges. The more confident your employees are to speak their voices and ideas, the more motivated they will become in the workplace.

  • Allows Creativity to Flow

Activities that require team building outside of the office can prove to be wonderful creative outlets. Different settings and exposure to new ideas can be beneficial to employees who are stuck in that typical, monotonous work routine. Creative thoughts and fresh perspectives are always assets to bring back into the office.

  • No More Walls

Team building will inevitably destroy any barriers put up between your employees and construct a sense of camaraderie between them. This can make the workplace an overall more friendly, positive environment and will increase trust among everyone. It will eliminate any disconnect between management and employees. Team building exercises will allow everyone (including management leadership) to be on the same level, and this can boost morale.

Overall, team building is an excellent way to better communication, motivate employees, inspire creativity, and bring everyone closer together. These things are a must in any successful organization. The better everyone performs as a team rather than divided, the better the organization will thrive. The enthusiasts at Orlando team building are ready to help you set up exciting and beneficial team building programs today!

Welcome Spring with These Corporate Event Ideas

Spring has arrived, and with it come new possibilities to plan fun, entertaining events for you and your corporate team. Experts at Orlando event planning, Fun Planners, share some tips to consider when putting together a corporate event. Whether it be an active outdoor outing or a casual office party, here are some guidelines to follow to make your event a success:

  • Get Started Early

Don’t wait when it comes to sending out invitations to the event you’re planning. Advanced notice will give everyone time to clear their schedules and ensure they don’t have a conflict; or if there’s a schedule glitch, they can notify you far ahead of the event in case it needs to be moved. As a general rule, invites should be sent out to all attendees three to six months prior to the event. Spring can be a very busy, crowded time, so make sure wherever you plan on hosting the event isn’t during a peak vacation time such as spring break. You don’t want your attendees to feel overwhelmed in a crowded space.

  • Explore Unique Venues

Think outside the box when searching for locations to host your event. Your guests and team will appreciate the ingenuity and thought put into a unique venue. An outdoor wine tasting or painting by the sunset could be examples of entertaining yet relaxing events that are outdoors.

  • Keep Mother Nature in Mind

Weather can be unpredictable, so always keep the chance of unfavorable conditions in mind when planning the event. Have a backup indoor option if the event is intended to be outdoors, just in case it decides to thunderstorm or it gets uncomfortably hot outside.

  • Are You Not Entertained?!

The golden rule of event planning is to never leave out the entertainment aspect. Everyone wants an incentive to come to events, so give them a good reason to want to participate! The Orlando event planning experts have several options for entertainment including arcade game rooms, carnival activities, and casino/poker tournaments.

  • Ambiance and Aesthetics

A perfect setting is everything, so it’s important to impress your attendees with the right decor. Fun Planners offers specialized lighting and decorations for themed events and for enhancement purposes. No one likes a bland, drab environment, so make sure to utilize all resources to create an appealing event space!

If you follow these five tips, your corporate event and spring season will be off to an organized, exciting start! The team at Orlando event planning at Fun Planners have what it takes to help you pull off a corporate event that will liven up your organization and encourage everyone to do their best this spring and for the upcoming year.