Did you grow up watching “Family Feud”, trying to guess the best answers before the participating families? Or maybe you watched “Wheel of Fortune”, where you had the right vowels every time. Whatever stroke of luck you had during those nights spent watching game shows could become a reality with your Florida corporate events.

Do you have an office branch you like to battle in friendly competitions? Game shows are a perfect way to bring separate offices together. A “Family Feud” style game would be a great addition to any corporate event. You can see what talent your employees have to offer through their ability to answer the most popular survey question. Plus, it can be questions related to the business!

Alex Trebek Would Be Thrilled
Ever been interested in hosting trivia nights? We all love showing some hidden knowledge we have about unique facts. A perfect way to complement all of that useful information would be a “Jeopardy”-style interactive game. Maybe you can learn a thing or two as well. You’ll finally see what some people really know and it might surprise you!

The Price Is Alright
Get into the spirit of game shows with price guessing. A price is right style game would be very exciting, especially if you have some fun prizes to offer. If your business sells products — even better! You could put your own products as items to see who knows the business like the back of their hand.

Do It Yourself
Maybe you have an idea that isn’t quite like a popular game show. That’s OK! The use of digital scoring, projector screens, and lockout buzzers provides your idea some backup. Create your own unique game show, and relate it to something your business believes in. It will go well with the culture of your employees and coworkers.

Any game show you select will be sure to bring joy to everyone’s experience. Some friendly competition in a popular game show is an effective way to get away from office life. For more ideas on Florida corporate events or to get a quote, contact us online or call 407-955-4949.