Looking to light up your Florida corporate events? You want your company event to have a great atmosphere to set an exciting mood. Find out how to navigate through the dark to discover what lighting and surround system possibilities we offer.

Have some office videos and pictures collected throughout the year you can’t wait to show everyone? Imagine using projectors along with projector screens, to laugh and cry with all of your employees while reminiscing about those captured moments. Or maybe you’re looking for an office movie night. With DVD players you can take a poll of everyone’s favorite movie, and play that movie your employees have been raving about the past few weeks.  

Music Mania
Music is always an essential element of any fun party. Whether you’re planning a dance party where a loud concert setting is desired or a networking event where noise shouldn’t get louder than coffee shop jazz. Music keeps spirits high even if it’s just used as background noise. It provides a fun outlet to listen to when the corporate world can seem dull.

No need to bring your own disco ball! Trying to recreate space, the ocean, or perhaps the Alaska northern lights? Our lighting services can provide any type of theme your heart desires. Certain lights create a different mood which can relax employees and get them having fun. We can accommodate a variety of ideas, so don’t let your event be dim.

Drapery Dilemma
Searching for something more formal? Our pipe and drape options leave countless ideas for your next event. Curtains to define a spectacular retirement party to part ways with your favorite employee. If you are on the more adventurous side, we provide backdrops for photos, improv, theatre, and more! We are glad to help create lasting memories.

When it comes to finding the best lighting or sound for your Florida corporate events it can be difficult, but Fun Planners is prepared to help you navigate through the event with ease. Contact us online, or call 407-955-4949 to see how we can best assist you.