Our Team

Luna Tolunay
Owner / Master of All Things Fun

Kemal Tolunay
Owner / Director of All Things Fun

Tierney Stecher
Opperations Manager / Makes The Fun Happen!

Luci Straub
Sales Manager / Organizes The Fun

Alyssa Lamirade
Sales Coordinator / Composer Of All Things Fun

Jasmine Tverberg
Event Coordinator / Schedules The Fun

Mike Vincent
Multimedia Designer / Makes The Fun Look Cool

Nick Gilbart
Production Manager / Assembler Of All Things Fun

Tim Hanson
Production Manager / Puts The Fun Togother

Greg Terrell
Event Production Team / Ensurer of All Things Fun

Robert Ortiz
Event Production Supervisor / Constructs The Fun

Sergio Guiterrez
Event Production Supervisor / Mr. Fun

Dennis Bragg Jones
Event Production Team / Achiever Of All Things Fun

Will Walsh
Event Production Team / Mr. Energize The Fun

Wilfredo “Willy” Casado
FP Craftsman / Mr. Fix All Things Fun