The Evolution of Event Photography

Photography became possible because of the daguerreotype process, invented by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Niepce. Joseph Niepce did not live to see the completion of his project. He died in 1833, and 6 long years later Louis Daguerre perfected the daguerreotype process.

Once the daguerreotype was created, the first form of event photography–wedding photography–began. Due to the necessity of a prolonged exposure time, the process of capturing wedding memories was strenuous. Couples were required to stand perfectly still for 5 – 10 minutes to ensure one good picture. Many people attribute the serious looks on people’s faces in their wedding photos as a reflection of society’s mindset, when in actuality, holding a smile for a photograph was extremely uncomfortable.

With the evolutions of film and then digital photography, capturing the essence of an event became much more enjoyable for both the photographers and their subjects. Event photography is still adapting and evolving. Orlando-based event planning companies like Fun Planners offer a collaboration of photography and videography to create memorable and fun souvenirs for event attendees. Here are a few unique ways to highlight your event experience with some cutting-edge event photography techniques:

  • Green Screen Photography – Green Screen Photos use digitally enhanced backgrounds that allow you to travel the world without leaving Orlando.  Event planning specialists and photographers can superimpose event guests into backgrounds matching the theme of the event.

  • Digital Photo Booths – Who doesn’t love a photo booth? Traditional portraits are still an option but now these digital photo booths come with a variety of unique printing options. You can choose to have your photos printed on a 3D cube, or graphic photo stips.

  • Boogie Heads – This new form of dance video uses chroma-key(green screen) technology that takes your head and puts it on an animated boogie-body. Dance, sing and laugh while your co-workers, family, friends or even a perfect stranger lip-sync and boogie to the greatest pop songs of yesterday and today.

Traditional photography and videography are an important detail to remember for Orlando event planning specialists, but now unconventional forms of capturing memories are also available to further enhance your experience. Whether you want to be transported to distant lands or put your head on an animated boogie-body, Fun Planners has all the event photography elements necessary. Fun Planners specializes in special events, corporate events, fundraisers and much more. We guarantee your guests will be 100% satisfied with our services. To learn more about what Fun Planners can offer you, call us today at 1-866-511-4FUN or visit our website at: