The Power of the Photo Booth

In the day of social media and Instagram, there’s nothing like the photo booth. Not only is it a fun, unique activity for your guests to enjoy, but it gets your brand online with little to no effort from you!

Encourages Interactivity

When you have a photo booth, there’s something for the guests to do right away. No one is waiting around for the music to pick up or for the first brave soul to step on the dance floor, and no one is waiting to see who the first person will be to head over to the food table. Photo booths provide immediate activity. It also helps your guests get to know each other! Maybe someone will be pulled into the booth with a few new friends, or maybe they’ll befriend someone comparing their equally-silly photo strips.

It Gets Your Event Online

The power of the photo booth can’t be underestimated. If your guests have fun, cute photos from the night of the event, they will likely want to share them with little incentive — and you can use this to your advantage. You can hold a contest for the best photo when participants post their picture using your event hashtag (make sure you offer a prize)! You can also reward guests for tagging your account or using the location by offering them a small prize or freebie.

It can be hard to beat a classic retro photo booth. However, if you’re planning to hold a social media contest, plan ahead with one of our booths with sharing! We offer a variety of booths that connect to their internet, allowing guests to receive both a printed, hard copy of their memories as well as a digital one over email. This makes it even easier for guests to share their pictures. Take a look at the air graffiti wall or graffiti touchscreen for an artsy experience. We also offer a SlowMo Booth, a green screen, and a Mirror Me booth. The Mirror Me booth may just look like a mirror, but when it comes alive, guests can interact and take photos.

Unique Entertainment

Photo booths are silly, unique entertainment. They inject your brand with personality, giving guests a tangible, goofy reminder of the good time they had at your event. They’re also very simple! After initially setting up the booth and its props, your guests can entertain themselves for the evening with little effort on your part.

Looking to rent some awesome photo booths for your next event? We can help you out with that as well as any other Orlando event planning needs! Contact us today at 407-955-4949 to get started.